The following actions will be taken when a report of lost or found property is made:

All items reported to Manchester Students’ Union as lost by customers are recorded on the lost and found database.

All found items are kept in secure storage within the Union and remain the property of the Union until claimed, or for a period of five weeks, whichever is longer.

Every possible attempt is made to identify the owner of the found property and make contact with that person in the interim.

After the five week storage period:

Passports and personal identification - reported to the relevant authority immediately. After the five week period we are advised by the relevant authority on how to dispose of the documentation.

Mobile telephones - the SIM card is destroyed and the telephone is donated to Oxfam for use in their mobile recycling scheme. Once the telephone has been given to Oxfam, the deletion of any information stored directly on it is their responsibility.

Keys - destroyed and securely disposed of by the University’s Security Team.

Bank cards - reported to the relevant authority immediately and after the five week period we are advised by the relevant authority on how to dispose of the cards.

Cash - Donated to Manchester Students’ Union, charity number 1144146

Purse/Wallet - all personal information is destroyed and securely disposed of. It is then dealt with as a general item.

Medicine - securely stored for five weeks then given to a pharmacy to dispose of safely

After the five week period all other unclaimed goods are donated to charity.  

Unclaimed perishable goods are disposed of at the close of each trading day (This includes any food receptacles).

Manchester Students’ Union has the right to enforce its own policy on matters of lost and found property. Whilst a customer may wish to report the loss or finding of property to the local police, the Students’ Union has its own to follow.

Anyone requiring any further assistance or information should contact the Helpdesk on 0161 275 2930 or email us here.