How We're Run


The Students' Union is a charity and a company limited by guarantee. We are also a democratically run membership organisation, with over 40,000 members.

The Students' Union is overseen by its Board of Trustees, who have ultimate responsibility for the organisation.

Our stances and policy decisions are made by our democratic processes, in which every student can have their say.

We employ Staff to help carry out our goals and objectives.


We are a charity. Our funding is generated in the following ways:

A block grant from the University

Donations and other grants

Revenue from our Shops & Venues*

* Money spent in the Shops & Venues at the Students’ Union goes back into funding student services. When you buy a sandwich, a pint, a coffee, you are actually helping to support our core services and, in turn, helping the Students' Union amplify student life.

company no - 7759820   charity number - 1144146


The Students' Union is affiliated to the following bodies:

   1. National Union of Students - £52,833

   2. Advice UK – £220

Affiliations are approved on an annual basis by students at the Annual Members Meeting.


The Students' Union is run in accordance with a number of operational policies that are set by the Trustee Board or its Committees.

These are put in place by the Board to govern the conduct of staff and ensure the Union complies with its legal obligations. These policies remain in place until revised or revoked by the Board.

The Students' Union also has a number of democratically approved policies, which are passed by students, which are available to view here.

Operational Policies: