Access Funding

What is it?

The University of Manchester Students’ Union has revolutionised our funding procedure!

We are giving the student community the power to decide upon how much funding YOU need.

Fund it! Is a Participatory Budgeting system (PB) and being used by SU’s across the country such as Liverpool Guild and SOAS. PB is a transparent, democratic procedure, whereby societies present their ideas and vote upon how much money should be granted to other societies collaboratively coming to a decision on which projects they are going to fund.

Instead of filling in forms, there will now be six dates during the academic year when societies can bid for money from our £47,000 pot.

Societies will come together to look at all the funding requests and discuss as a group where it would be best used, and why.

This will give you chance to meet fellow societies and find out more about what they’re getting up to, and also work together to make sure all societies are happy with where the money is going. 


Fund it! How does it work?


1. Submit a bid!

Create a presentation to present your idea to other students, create a poster to accompany your presentation and include background information about your society and finances. Complete the 'Bid For Funding' form HERE.

2. The Event!

Attend the Fund it! Event, take part in the decision making process and find out whether your event will be funded on the same day!   


Key dates for accessing funding:


16th October 17:30 -20:00          (Deadline for submission 9th October)                           £9000 available

**6th November 17:30 -20:00        (Deadline for submission 30th October)                         £7000 available

**9th November 17:30 - 20:00       (Deadline for submission 30th October)                         £7000 available

27th November 17:30 - 20:00     (Deadline for submission 20th November)                     £4500 available

12th February 17:30-20:00          (Deadline for submission 5th February)                          £7000 available

12th March      17:30-20:00          (Deadline for submission 5th March                                £7000 available

23rd April         17:30-20:00           (Deadline for submission 16th April)                              £3000 available

** Due to a large number of applications, the November round has been split into two events with £7000 funding available at each.  Your society will receive an email informing you which event you will be invited to.


As with anything new and exciting there are always questions; of which we welcome! That in mind, we will be hosting a short briefing session in the coming weeks so, watch this space and keep an eye out for the next societies newsletter where will give you all the details. In the meantime, please check out the Fund It!



Launch Presentation

Facebook Group


Other forms of funding:


Basic Funding:

You can apply for up to £100 for; society start-up costs, printing and promotional material, subsistence (such as travel), small costs that will help the society generate further income.