Blog #1
Dawn to Dusk... Visit Didsbury

By local student Lucy Sutton!


Thinking Manchester is all grey, dreary and wet? Well, you’re not wrong… But, if you stay on the 142 an extra 10 minutes past Fallowfield, you’ll be transported one of the most beautiful places Manchester has to offer.

Didsbury Village is a chic, modern collection of restaurants bars steeped in history and nature. There’s a French Patisserie, Bisous Bisous, with creations to rival Zumbo’s Just Desserts (seriously, Netflix that show now!), a cobbled street with gorgeous gift shops (one has a resident cat!) and a restaurant that specialises in only Argentinian beef aptly named CAU.

However, if you’re a little low on your student loan, let your UniRider take you to, in my opinion, Didsbury’s best hidden gem. Fletcher Moss sits between Stenner Woods and the River Mersey, and next to the second oldest Church in Manchester – St James.  Come and take a walk by the river, learn about the vast variety of birds (Including green parakeets!) that the area is home to or come and marvel at the famous botanical gardens. Whether you’re into photography, nature or just want a break from the city, Fletcher Moss is sure to deliver. Entrance is free and the park is open each day from dawn to dusk.

If you’re a little cooler, and want more of a Northern Quarter kind of vibe, look no further than leafy West Didsbury. Trendy independent cocktail bars, 15 restaurants and great clothes shops, West Didsbury prides itself on keep the chains at bay.

West Didsbury hosts The Makers Market once per month. Find local artists, delicious food, plants and the cutest homeware imaginable all at an open-air market with live music. Head on down to this amazing event on the last Sunday of every month, found at Withington Community Hospital.

So come and get a taste of suburban Manchester and see why we don’t mind getting out of bed a little earlier for that 9AM when there’s such beauty and inspiration on our doorstep.


Blog #2
Beautiful Bastion of Consumer Capitalism... The Trafford Centre
By Urmston resident Will Kerrs!


The Trafford Centre is a huge shopping centre only five miles away from Manchester city centre. It has about 280 shops, restaurants, bars, etc which is more than the Manchester Arndale.

I’ve always lived very close to the Trafford Centre so a lot of my childhood memories involve the place. EG, When I was about four years old, my brother and sister managed to convince me that I could, somehow, fall through the Trafford Centre’s marble floor owing to its mirror-like properties. (Working late shifts at the Trafford Centre over Christmas almost makes me wish that this could actually be a thing.)  I’ve worked in a couple of different shops in the complex since 2015, and thinking about employment, it’s a great place to find a part-time job alongside university studies. I got hired by one shop within 24 hours of job hunting! (However, I’m not employed by the current owners of the Trafford Centre, intu, so I’m not even getting anything out of selling the place! Should intu want to send me a cheeky gift card, contact me on [redacted].)


There’s a good amount of high street shops in the Trafford Centre. There’s a pretty big Selfridges in the main dome featuring a mini food hall with a YO! Sushi, and plenty of food counters, such as Patisserie Valerie. I even met Jesse from Storage Hunters there in 2013! (I include this detail because the prospects of meeting a D-list “““celebrity””” from some trash TV show would entice anyone to visit, right?) There’s also a sizeable Superdry, Zara, Apple store, Boots, Hollister, Lipsy, Waterstones, Pull&Bear (which I think is trash, but edgy teens obviously see something I don’t), John Lewis, Debenhams, and all the other usual high street places. There’s also going to be a large Primark built by 2019.


The Trafford Centre also houses the largest food court in Europe. There’s everything you’d expect: McDonald’s, KFC, Nando’s, Pizza Hut, etc. There’s even a few nicer places such as Barburrito and Pesto. (There’s also a Wetherspoons in the ‘New Orleans corridor’.) But I want to give a shout out to two places in particular. Firstly, Shere Khan Express. Put simply, this is a curry place with rapid service, and tasty food (It also restores my will to live whilst doing any late shift at work, for which I am eternally grateful.) Secondly, Tru Street. This is a restaurant near the Chinatown area which serves some ‘pan-Asian’ twists on burgers, chicken, etc. It’s a little pricey, but portions are big. (If you can afford Northern Quarter, you can afford Tru Street.)


Beyond shops and food outlets, there’s a few entertainment complexes. For example, the Odeon cinema, Sea Life aquarium, and a mini-golf course. Event City is practically within the complex, and Chill Factore is also literally next door.


To sum up:


  • Great selection of large high street shops
  • Huge food court to suit all tastes
  • Extensive public transport links
  • Hosts / is very close to other entertainment facilities (EG Odeon cinema, and Chill Factore)
  • Good place to find part-time jobs



  • Glaring bastion of consumer capitalism
  • This one time, when I was driving home from work, some van driver cut me up on Lostock Circle (near Junction 9 on the M60) because he didn’t understand how lanes work, and I’m still salty about it.