Manage A Society

Manage A Society

Running a society comes with its fair share of responsibilities and you're bound to learn so many things during your experience of managing a student group. We're here to help though, from finance processes to room bookings, this section is full of helpful resources designed to help you understand how our processes at the student union function, how you can access support when you need it, and the importance of your society coordinator. 

Each year, we take a whole day to train our society leaders and get you energised for the year ahead at the Student Leaders Conference. At this conference, each society sends at least two of its committee members to receive training from staff on how you can make your year enormously succesful. This years Student Leaders Conference will take place on the 14th of September 2019 at the Students' Union. Here you will learn about how to manage your society finances, how to build events, how to ensure your society's activities are inclusive and much more. 

Additionally at the Student Leaders Conference, you will also meet your society coordinator. Our coordinators at the University Union are called Luke and Matt. Together they coordaintor all the hundreds of societies we have registered at the Students' Union. Their role is to work in partnership with our society leaders in supporting our societies develop their activities and events ensuring that you have the best possible experience in leading your society. When you meet your society coordinator at the Student Leaders Conference they will inform you further about how they will work with you to help you achieve success for your society. 

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Manage A Society

From Hiking to Bhangra, Board Games to Philosophy, we have over 400 different societies ready and waiting for you to try. We have a huge variety of religious,

Running a society can be a challenge, but on these pages you can find everything you need to get to grips with it. If you can, make sure you have a chat with the students who ran the society last year. They will be able to give you lots of advice based on their experience.

Each society has a Society Coordinator to support and facilitate what you are trying to achieve. The coordinators are members of staff here at the Students' Union who are experienced in working with student groups and have experience working in . You will first meet your coordinator during the training session after you have completed your registration forms.

For more information, find out who your coordinator is here.

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