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Room information

Lower Ground Floor

  • LG1: 60 Standing & 35 Seated
  • Dance Studio: 20 Standing
  • LG3: 30 Standing & 20 Seated

1st Floor

  • Room 1.5: 60 Standing & 35 Seated    
  • Room 1.6: 60 Standing & 35 Seated

2nd Floor

  • Theatre:  200 Standing & 120 Seated
  • Room 2.2: 20 Standing & 10 Seated
  • Room 2.5: 60 Standing & 35 Seated
  • Room 2.6: 20 Standing & 10 Seated

All registered societies and SU Volunteering Groups can book rooms in the Students' Union's Building on Oxford Road. Using the room information table above you can identify the most suitable venue and availability for your society. To request a room, please contact

AV equipment is available for use in most cases free of charge (unless for example a technician is required). Most of our rooms have a fixed projector but please specify what AV equipment is required along with any furniture requirements at the time of booking.  You can also specify the layout of the room which we will try to accommodate.

If you're holding an event that has visiting speakers (from the university or external organisations), or if these may raise discussions around controversial topics - Please let us know at the time of booking - at least 21 calendar days (three weeks) before the event (not doing this may delay the booking process and affect your event).  Follow this link to submit your visiting speaker application:-

Speaker Application »

Please be aware: The Students' Union building does not open until 12 noon on Sundays. If you wish to book rooms before this time there will be costs incurred and this will be dependent on sufficient time being given for staff to accommodate your request.

University Rooms

Societies can book rooms at the university free of charge.  However, on occasion you may need to pay for portering (staffing) depending on the time of your booking.

In general rooms are free of portering charge (staffing) to societies on a weekday between the hours of 9am-5pm in all venues.  However, after 5pm there are only 4 out of hour buildings that are in use, all of which would incur portering charges.  There is an exception at University Place where rooms are free of portering charges until 9pm on a weekday for classrooms.    The other out of hour buildings are Samuel Alexander, Roscoe and Renold.  All of these will charge for rooms from 5pm.  All of the four out of hour buildings will charge for portering (staffing) if you are booking a lecture theatre from 5pm.

On a Saturday & Sunday you can only book Uni Place, Samuel Alexander, Roscoe and Renold.  Portering charges will be incurred for all rooms and lecture theatres all day.

The portering costs for a weekday after 5pm in Sam Alex, Renold or Roscoe in either a room or lecture theatre is £23.25 per hour for up to 100 people in attendance.

Uni Place is free of portering charges for a room until 9pm but the cost for a lecture theatre after 5pm is £23.25 per hour for up to 100 people in attendance. (Weekdays only).

On a Saturday, all of the out of hour buildings charge £23.25 per hour for portering up to 100 people in attendance irrespective of whether you are using a room or lecture theatre.  This charge is for all day.

On a Sunday, all of the out of hour buildings charge £31.00 per hour for portering up to 100 people in attendance irrespective of whether you are using a room or lecture theatre.  The portering charges are for all day.  The minimum number of hours you can book is 4 hours.

Please note that in addition to the hours you book the university will charge (where applicable) an additional half an hour each side of your booking to enable them to set up/down.  So basically a booking in a lecture theatre at Uni Place from 6pm-9pm on a weekday for 200 people would be costed out as follows:-

3 hours = £23.25 x 3 = £69.75 + an additional half an hour each side of the booking = 4 hours = £93.00

This total is then multiplied by 2 as you would need 2 porters for 200 people in attendance = £186.00

In addition to this equipment in lecture theatres will be charged for separate (Details of this will be sent at the time of booking availability). University Place will not charge for equipment in a standard teaching room.   A flat rate of £50 in the University Place theatres is chargeable for a duration of 2-4 hours and means use of only the following:

  • Main central projector only
  • PC and Media unit
  • Lectern microphone and PA

It is advisable to inform the media department when using the equipment in the standard teaching rooms.  If you should bring in your own equipment then the university needs to be informed and they will require a copy of the PAT certificate.

Finally, only certain rooms permit food and drink so you need to ask about this at the time of booking.  If you are booking a lecture theatre and require food and drink you will need to request the foyer space.  Any food and drink needs to be ordered from Food on Campus (Taste Manchester).  The university do not allow you to bring in your own food/drink.

To enable you to book a room/lecture theatre at the university please email

If you are unsure of the costs involved we can calculate this for you.

Important: Please note that to book a room at the university you will need to give at least 15 days notification as the checklist/risk assessment with the information required (once your booking has been submitted) will need to be processed at the university at least 10 days prior to the event.