Living at Home Society Committee Election 2018

The Students' Union now has an active Living at Home Society where students who live at home can get to know each other. You can join the society online or on Facebook.

Despite the separate roles, the Living at Home Students Society’s committee is all about working together to create a better time for ‘Living at Home Students’ at Manchester. If you fancy creating fun events for living at home students, getting involved more in university life and being able to gain great new skills for your C.V. then this is the place for you. We’re a new society open to new ideas and we can’t wait to expand upon some of the fantastic events we’ve done this year. We’re working hard to make it more accessible than ever before, and everything will be taking place online. 

Below is the list of roles you can stand for and more information about each position:


  • Will chair meetings of the committee, making sure that the meeting covers all the business in the time available, that all members have a say and that clear decisions are made.
  • Will oversee and coordinate the work of the committee, ensuring that members of the committee deliver on their responsibilities.
  • Will represent and lead the society actions and events, whilst also supporting other committee members’ ideas.
  • Will challenge and think of new ways to support all living at home students.


  • Will take the lead on organising meetings and communicating with members.
  • Will work to support the Chair in organising society activity.
  • Will deputise for the Chair where requested.


  • Will be responsible for liaising with Students’ Union staff, so that the society can access a supportive budget for all committee decisions and activities.
  • Will be responsible for maintaining transparent and robust financial records of the society’s income and spending.
  • Will be supportive of the committee in buying resources for activities and events.

Events Coordinator 

  • Will be responsible for the organisation, administration and running of successful, responsibly-run, well-attended social events and activities put on over the year. This may include parties, trips, nights-out and any other forms of entertainment that might be enjoyed by living at home students.
  • Will support the Chair in developing a plan of varied social events and activities over the course of the year.
  • Will lead in organising the major social events of the year, such as day events, end of year parties, and Welcome Week.
  • *Optional* Will work with the Students’ Union to build the DayTrippers project to include day-trips of local areas.

Communications Officer

  • Will create and distribute marketing material e.g. leaflets, posters.
  • Will email out regular monthly newsletters to society members.
  • Will  promote and advertise the activities of the society to ensure that living at home students are kept-well informed and are given plenty of opportunity to participate.
  • Will create and sustain an online presence for the society on social media and other appropriate digital media.

Inclusion Officer

  • Working with the Chair and Events Coordinators to organise and run events which promote inclusion and diversity within the student society.
  • Attending diversity and unconscious bias training; feeding back what is learned to the Living at Home committee.
  • Creating an end-of-semester report on diversity within the Living at Home Student Society to ensure future activity is as inclusive and accesible as possible, and informed by research around the demographics and interests of Living at Home students.