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Inclusion Officers Forum - 10am-1pm, Friday 4th December, Online

Inclusion Officers Forum

Join us for a morning of training to learn everything you need to know about making a start on the inclusiveness of your society.

The morning of training will include the following sessions with breaks.
• Liberation training for inclusion officers
• Introduction to the inclusion report
• How to make your social media accessible
• An introduction to Discord – an online platform to continue the forum

If you have any access requirements for the training, please contact [email protected] and we will endeavour to put in place the relevant requirements to make our event accessible to you.


At the end of each training module there is a link to a form. You must complete this form to log your training.

Funding and Budgeting


Your Responsibilities


Making a payment claim

Volunteer Management

Approving payment claims on X35

Health and Safety

Safeguarding Children

Setting up an X365 account

Safeguarding Adults

Things you can book


Charity Fundraising

Visiting Speakers

Inclusive climate activism

Mobile CSS