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How can 40,000 voices become one?

The Student Voice Team at Manchester Students' Union exists to represent the views and interests of our 40,000 students to the University and to ensure that our voices are heard on both a local and national scale. Through the work of our Exec Team, Senate and our campaigning activity, the student voice is united and amplified.

Student Voice makes sure our students have their say and get their voices heard at all levels of the Students' Union and University through a variety of means including:

  • Facilitating elections so students can choose who they want to represent them in a range of areas
  • Finding out what matters to students and what they think the Students' Union and University should do and believe
  • Working to support and train over 1000 Course Reps and other student representatives  to make a positive impact on all aspects of student life
  • Supporting and running campaigns for positive change
  • Student consultation and research
  • Providing training and development opportunities to students to ensure they are confident and effective in their roles




Placed at the centre of campus, the University of Manchester Students’ Union is the beating heart of student life; we’re here to ensure that you feel part of the thriving Manchester community, we’re a place where you can make friends, gain vital skills for life and prepare for your future - University isn’t just about studying; we are Manchester and what we do today, the world does tomorrow.


Run by the Manchester Executive team, our vision is to be a thriving, active and inclusive Students’ Union with a powerful voice, delivering the support, services and change for our students.


Get to know your 2017/18 Exec Team below.


Campaign for Change



Is there something you’d like to change around the University, Manchester or even further afield? Your campaigns officer, Deej, is here to tell you just what we can offer!

What is a Campaign?

A campaign is about making tangible change, to a law, policy, behaviour or practice.

Here at the University of Manchester Students' Union, we pride ourselves in our past and present campaigns- there are currently over 85 campaigns you can get involved in, or we can even help you establish your own!


Click on any of the themes below to discover more about the active campaigning going on right now around campus.




The term Liberation means the freedom from oppression and is something that a lot of different groups of people are still fighting for. Our liberation campaigns tackle issues that relate to minority groups in our society and are the Liberation groups identified by the National Union of Students (NUS), these being LGBTQ, Black/BME, Women and Disabled. Within the NUS Mental Health falls within Disability, and 'Black' is a political term encompassing the racism and opression people face from a number of non-white backgrounds.

We have chosen to use the word Liberation as opposed to Equality because it is impossible for us all to be equal. As a woman, a black, disabled or LGBTQ person, it is horrendous but likely that within the society we currently live in you may often find yourself at a disadvantage to others; being equal would mean dragging everyone else down to the same level of oppression – in essence it is not the removal of oppression but the sharing of it. Liberation means a complete shift in culture in order to remove the barriers that people experience.

For a dynamic look at liberation check out the website HERE - a website set up by our former Welfare Officer to help people learn and find support around liberation issues.

As well as the full-time Women's Officer and Diversity Officer there are 8 elected student officers who work to represent students within the four liberation groups and run campaigns. Click on the links on the left to find out more about the officers and how to get involved in the campaigns.

Student Officers

Student Officer Elections

Ever wanted to make a difference by representing for students like you? Got ideas for events, campaigns or things the Students' Union and the University could be working on to improve the experience of a particular group of students at Manchester? Then you should stand for election as a Student Officer.

The Students' Union has a range of Student Officer roles which filled by a cross-campus election each October. We offer training, support and advice throughout the year and all the resources you'll need to effectively represent the students you're working for. There are 6 Student Senates throughout the year which you also sit on. This is the place where decisions are made and policy is passed to shape the Students' Union. Setting the agenda for campaigns and initiatives.   

Full role descriptions can be found here.


Senate Dates 2017-18

Coming Up

Policy Deadline
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Policy Amendment
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7th December

26th November

3rd December

8th February

21st January

28th January

22nd March

11th March

18th March

3rd May

15th April

22nd April

What is Senate?

Senate is responsible for representing students, helping determine the policies of the Students’ Union and holding democratically elected representatives to account. Essentially, Senate makes decisions about what the Students' Union should believe and take action on. 

The Senate has the power to:

  • Amend the Students' Union Bye-Laws, provided any such decision is approved by a 2/3 majority and the Trustees;
  • Propose amendments to the Articles of Association to the AGM, provided such amendments are approved by a 2/3 majority;
  • Request, receive and approve reports and minutes from Officers, its Committees or any other part of the Students’ Union’s democratic structures;
  • Request and receive reports from the Trustee Board or any of its Committees;
  • Enact policy on behalf of the Students’ Union and its members;
  • Call for a referendum on any matter;
  • Declare an opinion on any matter;
  • Censure or dismiss (‘no confidence’) any Officer of the Union, provided any such decision is approved by a 2/3 majority;
  • Do anything else as may be jointly agreed with the Trustees.

Senate includes:

  • The Students' Union Exec Team (8 Officers)
  • 2 x Undergraduate (UG) Officers for each of the 3 Faculties
  • 1 x Postgraduate Taught (PGT) Officer for each of the 3 Faculties
  • 1 x Postgraduate Research (PGR) Officer for each of the 3 Faculties
  • 2 x BME Students' Officers
  • 2 x Women Students' Officers
  • 2 x LGBQ Students' Officers
  • 2 x Trans Students' Officers
  • 2 x Disabled Students' Officers
  • 2 x International Students' Officer
  • 2 x Ethical & Environmental Officer
  • 2 x Working Class Students' Officer
  • 6 x Student Community Officers
  • Members of the Activities Committee
  • The Chair (or equivalent) of each of the Residents’ Associations and JCRs
  • One person co-opted by the Senate to be a representative for each of the following groups:
  • (i) student parents, (ii) student carers, (iii) part-time students, (iv) mature students, (v) distance learner students, (vi) students living off-campus;
  • A panel of 20 students randomly selected to be representative of the general student population according to directions set by Steering Committee.

Who can attend Senate?

As a Students' Union, it's important that only our registered students are able to participate in our democratic structures. As such, the constitution restricts attendance to the following people:

  • Any registered student who is a member of the Students' Union may attend or speak at Senate meetings
  • A staff member of the Students’ Union shall be appointed as the Senate Secretary
  • Staff members of the Students’ Union may be invited by the Chair or another member of the Senate to address a meeting to explain or clarify a point of fact
  • Steering Committee may invite persons external to the Students’ Union to give speeches at any Senate meeting, provided that the relevant regulations regarding visiting speakers are complied with
  • Membership of the Senate held by representatives of organisations or bodies may be filled by any member of the Committee of that organisation or body, or by any other person duly authorised to be their representative at a Senate meeting

Attended a meeting and have some feedback?


Senate Committees Find more...




We want to know:


  • What’s important to you?
  • How can we support you?
  • What does your ideal Students’ Union look like?
  • What challenges do you face as a student?


We’re giving you the chance to get across your views and tell us what you want at our FREE workshops on the following dates:


  • Monday 4 December 1pm. Book HERE
  • Monday 4 December 5:30pm. Book HERE
  • Tuesday 5 December 1pm. Book HERE
  • Tuesday 5 December 5:30pm. Book HERE
  • Wednesday 6 December 1pm. Book HERE
  • Wednesday 6 December 5:30pm. Book HERE


Be involved in changing and creating the Union that reflects the needs of students in Manchester.

For every student that attends a workshop, we will give you a £15 Amazon voucher – a little extra help for the Christmas period!



My Idea Find more... STAR


Student Reps are the voice of the students on their course. They are a vital link between the student body, the University, and the Students' Union. 

You can find out more information via our Student Rep Facebook page or alternatively follow us on Twitter.

Student Rep Elections are currently underway and so if you're interested to know who your Student Rep is then please email us at and we'll be in touch with their name as soon as we can. 




Student Reps ensure representation is embedded at every level of the decision-making process within the University. This allows you, as a student, to play an active role in shaping the delivery of your education. By telling your Student Rep how you are feeling about your course, they can drive positive change within the University to ensure your needs are being met.

For information about Faculty Officers, Liberation Officers and International Officers click here.



Thursday 30 November 17:00


As you may know, a review of the Faculty of Science and Engineering (FSE) was initiated in December 2016 to consider different structures in which the Faculty might be organised.  It deals primarily with the governance of the Faculty and does not review the curriculum of individual disciplines. It does, however, look at how we might improve by standardising our processes and sharing best practice across the Faculty to improve our teaching and better support our students. 

When the Review Group first published its REPORT in June 2017, the Dean of the Faculty, Professor Martin Schröder, hosted four open sessions to discuss the proposals with academic colleagues and visited all nine Schools in order to gain a better understanding of how best to implement changes, whilst maintaining the clear identity of all our subject disciplines.

We appreciate that the timescales of the initial consultation in June made it difficult for students to feed into the conversation at that stage. We are very keen to engage with you on this and would like to invite you to a special Faculty Forum meeting taking place at 5pm on Thursday 30th November. Please register your interest HERE. The meeting will be facilitated by the Assistant Vice Dean for Teaching, Learning and Students, Professor Steve Pettifer in conjunction with members of the Student Union executive team. It will be an opportunity to discuss your views on the options for reorganisation and explore any issues that you want to consider in parallel with the Faculty Review.

We hope to see many of you at the meeting in November.  


Professor Martin Schröder

Alex Tayler, General Secretary, Students’ Union