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Is there something you’d like to change around the University, Manchester or even further afield? You will find everything you need to run a campaign in this section of the website. Want to contact us?



Speak Up! Stand Up!

We at the University of Manchester Students Union believe that everyone has the right to live, work and study in an environment free from the fear of harassment or violence.

The 'Speak Up! Stand Up!' campaign is collaboration between the University and the University of Manchester Students Union. It aims to empower people to take action against harassment, hate crime and sexual violence.

Acts of harassment and violence committed because of a person’s identity stem from negative attitudes, beliefs and stereotypes about other people. Left unchallenged these beliefs can lead to prejudicial and discriminatory behaviour and potentially more serious acts of hate and violence.

If you witness problematic behaviour don’t be a bystander Speak Up! Stand Up! Call it out and report it.

The campaign uses a variety of activities to help people explore the issues and develop skills and confidence to safely take action. It encourages everyone to:

  • See It. Get to know the facts on harassment, hate crime and sexual violence and notice potentially problematic situations.
  • Know it’s a Problem. Think about the impact of negative attitudes, beliefs and stereotypes and how they can lead to more serious acts of hate and violence.
  • Take Responsibility. Know that it’s everyone's responsibility to challenge problematic behaviour.
  • Take Action. Act if they see something that doesn't feel right.

We can all do something if we witness problematic behaviour.

The University’s Report and Support Platform allows you to report something anonymously or report it and get support from an advisor.

The campaign includes:

  • Speak Up Stand Up. A campus wide communications campaign.
  • Be the Change. A series of active bystander training sessions and online modules.
  • Diversity Champions. A pilot with Champions in Schools to encourage young people to be active bystanders.

We want to create a culture where all members of our community are treated with respect. Find out how to get involved.

You can find out more about the University's Policy and Guidance.





We will champion and embed the values of diversity and liberation in all that we do, becoming a leader in our sector by 2020. 



We want to ensure the full body is reflected in everything we do. This will enable us to become a more legitmate voice and ensure we are absolute champions for liberation, equality and diversity as well as empowering students to take leading roles in campaigning for change. 

Student Officers

Student Officer Elections

Ever wanted to make a difference by representing for students like you? Got ideas for events, campaigns or things the Students' Union and the University could be working on to improve the experience of a particular group of students at Manchester? Then you should stand for election as a Student Officer.

The Students' Union has a range of Student Officer roles which filled by a cross-campus election each October. We offer training, support and advice throughout the year and all the resources you'll need to effectively represent the students you're working for. There are 6 Student Senates throughout the year which you also sit on. This is the place where decisions are made and policy is passed to shape the Students' Union. Setting the agenda for campaigns and initiatives.   

Full role descriptions can be found here.


Senate is the highest decision making body in the Students Union. It takes place 6 times and makes decisions about what the Students' Union should believe and take action on.

It is made up of 75 elected students and an additional 20 students who are randomly selected to discuss, debate and vote on policies and holds the Executive Officers of the organisation to account.

Students who are not elected to be on Senate can also participate and debate on the policies that are up for discussion.

Senate Dates 2018-19


Date of Senate

Policy Deadline

Policy Amendment


Submit your ideas here

Submit your Amendments here

27th September

9th September

16th September

8th November

21st October

28th October

6th December

18th November

25th November

7th February

20th January

27th January

28th March

10th March

17th March

9th May

21st April

28th April

What is Senate?

Senate is responsible for representing students, helping determine the policies of the Students’ Union and holding democratically elected representatives to account. Essentially, Senate makes decisions about what the Students' Union should believe and take action on. 

The Senate has the power to:

  • Amend the Students' Union Bye-Laws, provided any such decision is approved by a 2/3 majority and the Trustees;
  • Propose amendments to the Articles of Association to the AGM, provided such amendments are approved by a 2/3 majority;
  • Request, receive and approve reports and minutes from Officers, its Committees or any other part of the Students’ Union’s democratic structures;
  • Request and receive reports from the Trustee Board or any of its Committees;
  • Enact policy on behalf of the Students’ Union and its members;
  • Call for a referendum on any matter;
  • Declare an opinion on any matter;
  • Censure or dismiss (‘no confidence’) any Officer of the Union, provided any such decision is approved by a 2/3 majority;
  • Do anything else as may be jointly agreed with the Trustees.

Senate includes:

  • The Students' Union Exec Team (8 Officers)
  • 2 x Undergraduate (UG) Officers for each of the 3 Faculties
  • 1 x Postgraduate Taught (PGT) Officer for each of the 3 Faculties
  • 1 x Postgraduate Research (PGR) Officer for each of the 3 Faculties
  • 2 x BME Students' Officers
  • 2 x Women Students' Officers
  • 2 x LGBQ+ Students' Officers
  • 2 x Trans Students' Officers
  • 2 x Disabled Students' Officers
  • 2 x International Students' Officer
  • 1 x Ethical & Environmental Officer
  • 6 x Student Community Officers
  • 2 x Widening Participation Students' Officers
  • 1 x Student Parents Officer
  • 1 x Student Carers Officer
  • 1 x Part-Time Students Officer
  • 1 x Mature Students Officer
  • 1 x D​​​​​istance-Learner Students Officer
  • 1 x Living at Home Students Officer
  • Members of the Activities Committee
  • The Chair (or equivalent) of each of the Residents’ Associations and JCRs
  • A panel of 20 students randomly selected to be representative of the general student population according to directions set by Steering Committee.

Who can attend Senate?

As a Students' Union, it's important that only our registered students are able to participate in our democratic structures. As such, the constitution restricts attendance to the following people:

  • Any registered student who is a member of the Students' Union may attend or speak at Senate meetings
  • A staff member of the Students’ Union shall be appointed as the Senate Secretary
  • Staff members of the Students’ Union may be invited by the Chair or another member of the Senate to address a meeting to explain or clarify a point of fact
  • Steering Committee may invite persons external to the Students’ Union to give speeches at any Senate meeting, provided that the relevant regulations regarding visiting speakers are complied with
  • Membership of the Senate held by representatives of organisations or bodies may be filled by any member of the Committee of that organisation or body, or by any other person duly authorised to be their representative at a Senate meeting



Want to become a Diversity and Inclusion Student Ambassador?

Do you want to be a student ambassador and organise events that promote race and social equality.

If you want to be the change, then get involved.

The Diversity and Inclusion Student Ambassador Project is led by the University of Manchester in collaboration with the University of Manchester Students' Union, with partners across MMU and Birmingham. The project has come about from research on Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) student experience and outcomes, with findings that the experience of BAME students often go unfulfilled. The project aims to create a sense of belonging, empowerment and safer spaces for BAME students at the University of Manchester. By putting on events that promote race, social equality and inclusion. The programme aims to tackle immediate issues, and create a unique space in which BAME students can thrive and have access to opportunities that might otherwise be hidden, as well as working towards long term change in improving the conditions at our universities for a more diverse range of students.

"At the Students Union we’re working on a joint project with the University on our Diversity and Inclusion Student Ambassador Programme.

Being a student ambassador has opened up many doors for me. I would strongly encourage all students to apply to this Programme.

Remember, as well as taking action on race and social equality you’ll also have the opportunity to build your own skills and networks.

Step Up Stand Up and be the Change”

- Riddi Viswanathan, International Students' Officer

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Become a Volunteer Ambassador

Volunteer Ambassador

  • Organise events that promote race and social equality and wellbeing
  • Post blogs and social media
  • Co-produce materials for an active bystander campaign
  • Training and development opportunities
  • Build networks
  • A great asset to your CV

Apply HERE

Applications to become Ambassadors are open to all students. 

However we would particularly welcome applications from students who define as Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic (BAME).


The Students' Union Awards celebrate all the amazing activities that happen across campus every year. With over 50 awards handed out to the best of the best, the awards recognise both students and staff who excel at what they do.

Click here to view the full list of nominations.



Tuesday 8 May: Teaching, Volunteering, Fundraising and Communities Awards

Wednesday 9 May: Media and Societies Awards





Law SoSS Review

Engaging students on the possible merger of the School of Law and the School of Social Sciences (SoSS)

In recent years there has been a move across the University to larger, more evenly-sized Schools, with the Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health (FBMH) and the Faculty of Science and Engineering (FSE) both reducing the number of Schools in their Faculties to three and two respectively.

The Dean and Vice President of the Faculty of Humanities, Prof Keith Brown has asked the School of Law and SoSS to explore the advantages and disadvantages of the two Schools merging, with a focus on identifying if this would lead to any improvements in student experience and research excellence, as well as management, administrative and financial benefits.

No decision has been taken to merge the Schools; we need to first understand the benefits and risks. Views are being sought from staff across the two Schools and we want to ensure that our current students can engage in this process too.

A Working Group was formed early in the year and they have developed a position paper to explore if there is a clear rationale to merge the two schools or keep them as they are. This paper has now been published, and will form the basis of engagement with staff and students from now (24 Sept) until 14 December 2018.

We will be working with the Students Union, School Societies and elected student representatives to replicate the engagement taking place with staff. Once our new student representatives are in post in mid-October we will provide further details on ways you can take part in this engagement.

The position paper is available for you to view now on SoL & SoSS proposals as a main document and supporting appendices. If you have any initial views at this stage they will be collated via an online survey.

We will be in touch in the coming weeks to provide more opportunities to inform these discussions, and look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Chris Thornhill (Head of School, Law) / Brian Heaphy (Head of School, SoSS)  and Fatima Abid (General Secretary, UMSU) / Olivia Meisl (Education Officer, UMSU)

Student Reps

Student Reps are the voice of the students on their course. They are a vital link between the student body, the University, and the Students' Union. 

You can find out more information via our Student Rep Facebook . page or alternatively follow us on Twitter.

If you're interested to know who your Student Rep is then please email us at and we'll be in touch with their name as soon as we can.


Student Reps ensure representation is embedded at every level of the decision-making process within the University. This allows you, as a student, to play an active role in shaping the delivery of your education. By telling your Student Rep how you are feeling about your course, they can drive positive change within the University to ensure your needs are being met.

For information about Faculty Officers, Liberation Officers and International Officers click here.

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