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2017/18 Exec Team

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  • Riddi
  • I am an international student from India. My Business and Economics course and the Students’ Union have made my Manchester experience incredible for me. As your diversity officer, I desire to make each of your experiences here just as incredible as mine.
  • Being an international student living miles away from family, I was unsure about what to expect and who to seek help from. Figuring out that I wasn’t alone, we formed together the ‘International Student Network’- a platform which addresses the key issues faced by international students. Since then, I have always been passionate about enhancing the inclusiveness on campus, be it through liberation campaigns, international student workshops or postgrad conversation corners.
  • The University of Manchester Student’s Union has vibrant, committed and radical student leaders who are determined to make a positive difference to this world. The vibes from these students gives me so much inspriation and the people here at the best thing about the Students' Union. Inspiration aside, the Students’ Union is always my second home as it has given me lifelong friends through getting involved in societies, media and volunteering.
  • Expand the Post-Study Visa options for International Students

    Lobby the University to become an accommodation guarantor

    Work with the liberations officers and different reps on campus to ensure a truly inclusive campus

    Improve Welcome Week with spotting locations and crucial information in different languages

    Increasing the diversity of food on campus taking into account everyone's dietary restrictions

    Render the support to the cultural societies by closely working with them on obtaining sponsorships

  • Get the Union and University to have a diverse and welcoming student body

    Direct the Union’s strategy and activities in making the Union and University more representative of International, Mature and Postgraduate students

    Liaise with and support Union conveners of liberation campaigns

    Monitor and update Union policy on equality and diversity matters

    Campaign to increase the diversity of the student body and campaign for equal opportunities

Riddi Viswanathan

Diversity Officer
Quote 1 Expand the Post-Study Visa options for International StudentsQuote 2

More About Me

  • Deej
  • I’m a student-parent and study Politics and Sociology having previously worked in social care. I’m a life long campaigner and have spent so much of my time at Uni in meetings, at protests, marching around Oxford Road and Westminster and at various conferences. As well as being an Officer here, I am the NUS’s first ever Parents and Carers Rep. If there is anything that needs campaigned on, or protested against, please get in touch below!
  • At times campaigning, activism and organizing can seem overwhelming, we get tired, frustrated and come close to burning out. Always remember that your first priority is self-care, be kind to yourself, work with others, be supportive and considerate and ask for support. Solidarity is truly forever and the Union really does make us strong.
  • The Students' Union has for me always been the heart of my university life. It's the place where I was empowered and inspired to make change, but it was also the place I could relax with my friends and chat over a brew. It’s where I’ll go for a gig and also where I can go for support. I’ve made friends for life, met some of the most inspiring people I could wish to and taught my daughter to paint banners!
  • Empower students to take an active role in decision-making, lobbying and policy setting

    Educate students about their rights in education, employment, housing and protest

    Create a strong and sustained anti-racist anti-fascist environment on and around campus to ensure that all students know that racism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, islamophobia, anti-Semitism, xenophobia and all kinds of bigotry will be challenged

    Make the Union and University a more inclusive space taking into account peoples personal circumstances, needs and responsibilities

    Make the Students' Union and the University a greener and less wasteful space

    Root our campaigns in our local community and tied to national campaigns

    Fight to defend our education from cuts
  • Get more students campaigning and lead on the Union’s citizenship work

    Direct the organisation and development of campaigning societies

    Facilitate students and societies to campaign on the issues they decide to campaign on Direct the Union’s work on citizenship and wider societal issues

    Coordinate the priority campaign(s) as decided by the Executive

    Oversee the campaigning work of the Union

Deej Malik-Johnson

Campaigns & Citizenship Officer
Quote 1Make the Students' Union and the University a greener and less wasteful spaceQuote 2

More About Me

  • Sara
  • I’m just a local Salfordian really with Algerian parents! I graduated with a Law with Politics degree and my experience at University was definitely changed by getting involved in the Students' Union. As your Women’s Officer, I hope to make each of your experiences here just as incredible as mine.
  • Get involved in the union. Join societies, go to events, and meet different people. You’ll find that there is a whole range of opportunities and experiences that you can’t afford to miss out on. Whether that’s future careers, going abroad or attending national events, these experiences will shape you as a person and will truly make Uni life amazing. Get involved, and come see me when you do!
  • The best thing about the Students' Union is that you can choose how much you want to get involved with when you're here. You can use it as a one stop shop to find out about societies and clubs, take part in campaigns, or even run as an officer to help represent a cause that is important to you. It’s completely up to you! The opportunities are endless!
  • Push for increased awareness of 'We Get It' and organise more self defence classes for women

    Lobby for compulsary consent workshops at Freshers

    Take Reclaim The Night into the community and make it bigger and better than ever

    Work with all the liberation officers to take a unified approach when working for under represented groups on campus

    Launch a campign promoting body confidence and raise awareness of eating disorders
  • Ensure women’s representation on the Executive Committee and facilitate campaigns on women’s issues

    Direct the Union’s work on women’s inclusion, representation and welfare

    Act as the convener for the Women’s Campaign

    Work with the University and other organisations to promote women’s liberation

Sara Heddi

Women Officer
Quote 1Launch a campign promoting body confidence and raise awareness of eating disordersQuote 2

More About Me

  • Alex
  • I want to focus on improving student experience, making university more affordable and ensuring that the University continues to increase its student focus. Most importantly I want to maximise student involvement in the Union. You are the people that make the Union what it is, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch and get involved.
  • My key piece of advice would be to get involved. What you put into University you will get out. The same is true of the Union. I left it a bit late and missed out on some fantastic opportunities. With probably the broadest selection of societies, events and campaigns of any Students’ Union in the UK, there really is something for everyone so make the most of it.
  • There are many great things about the Union. It’s a joy to be part of an organisation with such a diverse array of activities and great energy. It is also a place where students can have their voice amplified and really make a positive difference to their lives. The success of the recent NSS boycott to help prevent tuition fee rises is one example of the great work that students can do.
  • Meet weekly with students

    Reduce the cost of Food On Campus

    Increase bursaries for Masters students

    Create a pass accepted by First and Stagecoach

    Consult students in the re-design of the Students' Union building

    Develop strong relations with the new Mayor of Manchester

    Improve the Student Experience for everyone at the University of Manchester

    Implement a plan to ensure students at North Campus are included in campaigns and events
  • Directing the Union’s representative work

    Supporting the activities of the Executive Committee

    Chairing the Union Trustee Board

    Chairing the sub Committees of the Trustee Board

    Acting as the primary liaison between the University and the Union

    Attending NUS National Conference (and default delegate to other committees and conferences in the absence of an officer with the relevant portfolio)

    Having lead responsibility for long term strategic issues affecting the organisation

    Ensuring the dissemination of information regarding all aspects of Union activities to all of our students

Alex Tayler

General Secretary
Quote 1Improve the Student Experience for everyone at the University of ManchesterQuote 1

More About Me

  • Kitty
  • After 4 years at the University of Manchester it's safe to say I have spent a fair bit of my time in the Students' Union. There is so much going on here all the time, and the range of societies and clubs, from sporting to arts to education is unbelievable. I ran for this position purely because of the great time I had whilst being a student here and I want to make sure you have just as good time!
  • Work hard, play much harder
  • Pangaea!
  • Increase the accessibility for student activities

    Improve the Students' Union nightlife

    Support sustainability at the University


    Future U - Support the developments of the Union
  • Get more students having fun, involved in societies and developing their skills

    Oversee and direct strategies for the development of Union societies

    Direct the Union’s student activities work (including volunteering, media and student led events)

    Instigate new and develop extracurricular activities to broaden the range of activities

    Lead projects that enhance the personal development and employability of members

    Chair the Activities Forum

    Organise Pangaea Festival and get students involved

    Oversee the University Careers department and assist in their Ethical Grand Challenges programme

Kitty Bartlett

Activities & Development Officer
Quote 1Increase the accessibility for student activitiesQuote 2

More About Me

  • Emma
  • I’m a German & Spanish graduate and I’m so excited to be your Education Officer again this year! My role involves helping you affect change on your course, but also wider Education issues from Erasmus to rising tuition fees to cuts to staff. I’m hoping to make Education more exciting this year and to make the University take students more seriously when it comes improving the educational experience.
  • One person can make a massive difference. If you remember that one teacher that inspired you, or that coach who motivated you – that could be YOU. Whether it’s volunteering, putting on an event, becoming a student rep or joining a society, you can have as much as an impact as you want and at the same time boosting your experience and career prospects. And it’s never not a good time, so regardless of if you’re in 1st year or final year, doing a PhD or a semester abroad – get involved!
  • There’s an old saying that “What Manchester does today, the world does tomorrow” and I think the SU embodies this perfectly. From our Liberation campaigns to student democracy, from extra-curricular activities to mental health; from our national impacts to our commitment to the community, we are at the forefront of creativity, progress and inclusion and I’m really proud to be a part of that.
  • Introducing Life Skills Workshops

    Better podcasting provision

    Fighting future fees

    Sustaining and promoting existing services around the university

    Review of PHD Supervision

    Supporting education programs involving the University and the wider community
  • Get more students involved in genuine academic representation and represent the views of students on academic issues

    Direct the Union’s work on educational and academic issues

    Direct the Union’s work on academic representation to improve the experience of students

    Increase the number of students involved in genuine academic representation

    Represent the views of students on academic issues

    Support the work of the Faculty Representatives

Emma Atkins

Education Officer
Quote 1Sustaining and promoting existing services around the universityQuote 2

More About Me

  • Jack
  • The University of Manchester is one of the most important institutions of our city. You, as students, constitute the life blood of the University. You live throughout the Manchester Community, and so make up a crucial part of the city and its culture. It is my pleasure to represent you within these communities and continue the great work of previous Community Officers and more broadly, the Students' Union.
  • I have been involved with the Students' Union since day one of University and since then have fallen in love with the Union. After being on the RAG committee I have had an incredible time organising and supporting student led community projects in Manchester. I will use this experience to support you in the Manchester community and also increase engagement between you, as students, and residents in your area.
  • How the Students' Union is the centre of gravity in the University for so many students and its potential to be this important for all students. How the Students' Union provides a platform for students to challenge the status quo. How the Students' Union offers opportunities that may never have been provided by the University, allowing Students to create and run events and societies. How the Students' Union, through us as the Exec team and other essential members of staff, are here to protect your interests.
  • I will try to expand the number of safe zones, which are businesses you can enter when feeling threatened Aim to create a single, unified student homes website through the Students’ Union

    Aim to raise awareness of the Students’ Unions contract advice service by including it on the web-site so students can easily make an appointment.

    Aim to raise awareness and increase involvement amongst students about the struggles of living homeless.

    Aim to create an annual ‘Help the Homeless March’ to raise awareness and provide funding for homeless charities in Manchester, similar to Reclaim the Night.
  • Develop a stronger sense of identity and social responsibility across and between the student and wider community

    Direct the Union’s work on matters concerning student accommodation, crime, and safety and student residents

    Work within Halls to ensure their input and influence on Union activities and strengthen the experience of students in halls

    Represent students within the local community to Councils, Residents Groups and other community organisations

Jack Houghton

Community Officer
Quote 1Aim to create a single, unified student homes website through the Students’ UnionQuote 2

More About Me

  • Saqib
  • My main priority for this year is student mental health. Having Co-Founded Open Mind, a student mental health society at Manchester. I have a holistic plan to improve all aspects of wellbeing, whether you’re LGBTQ, a student of faith, a BME student, or if you just love health and fitness.
  • Be involved

    Be active

    Be interested
  • My favourite thing about the SU is its inclusivity; you have the opportunity to be around some of the most diverse groups of people from different parts of the world.
  • Reduce the waiting time for the counselling services by training student mentors via pro bono counselling. Also, give students the control which gender counsellor they want to see.

    Work closely with the University of Manchester Counselling Services to set up emergency appointments

    Work closely within BME and LGBTQ+ student communities and create a spark of a conversation between these groups on mental health and general wellbeing

    Work closely with religious societies to reduce religious barriers between different student communities. Aim to reduce anti-Semitism and Islamophobia on campus

    Sustaining mitigating circumstances workshops and help those who are in need of support to make appeals and give guidance
  • Represent and promote students to be happy and healthy at University

    Direct the Union’s work on the welfare of members

    Direct the Union’s work on developing good campus relations (for example, between groups of students)

    Work with local and regional external bodies on matters affecting student health

Saqib Mahmood

Wellbeing Officer
Quote 1Work closely with the University of Manchester Counselling Services to set up emergency appointmentsQuote 2













We will champion and embed the values of diversity and liberation in all that we do, becoming a leader in our sector by 2020. 



We want to ensure the full body is reflected in everything we do. This will enable us to become a more legitmate voice and ensure we are absolute champions for liberation, equality and diversity as well as empowering students to take leading roles in campaigning for change. 

Student Officers

Student Officer Elections

Ever wanted to make a difference by representing for students like you? Got ideas for events, campaigns or things the Students' Union and the University could be working on to improve the experience of a particular group of students at Manchester? Then you should stand for election as a Student Officer.

The Students' Union has a range of Student Officer roles which filled by a cross-campus election each October. We offer training, support and advice throughout the year and all the resources you'll need to effectively represent the students you're working for. There are 6 Student Senates throughout the year which you also sit on. This is the place where decisions are made and policy is passed to shape the Students' Union. Setting the agenda for campaigns and initiatives.   

Full role descriptions can be found here.


Senate Dates 2017-18

Coming Up

Policy Deadline
Submit your ideas here

Policy Amendment
Submit your Amendments here

7th December

26th November

3rd December

8th February

21st January

28th January

22nd March

11th March

18th March

3rd May

15th April

22nd April

What is Senate?

Senate is responsible for representing students, helping determine the policies of the Students’ Union and holding democratically elected representatives to account. Essentially, Senate makes decisions about what the Students' Union should believe and take action on. 

The Senate has the power to:

  • Amend the Students' Union Bye-Laws, provided any such decision is approved by a 2/3 majority and the Trustees;
  • Propose amendments to the Articles of Association to the AGM, provided such amendments are approved by a 2/3 majority;
  • Request, receive and approve reports and minutes from Officers, its Committees or any other part of the Students’ Union’s democratic structures;
  • Request and receive reports from the Trustee Board or any of its Committees;
  • Enact policy on behalf of the Students’ Union and its members;
  • Call for a referendum on any matter;
  • Declare an opinion on any matter;
  • Censure or dismiss (‘no confidence’) any Officer of the Union, provided any such decision is approved by a 2/3 majority;
  • Do anything else as may be jointly agreed with the Trustees.

Senate includes:

  • The Students' Union Exec Team (8 Officers)
  • 2 x Undergraduate (UG) Officers for each of the 3 Faculties
  • 1 x Postgraduate Taught (PGT) Officer for each of the 3 Faculties
  • 1 x Postgraduate Research (PGR) Officer for each of the 3 Faculties
  • 2 x BME Students' Officers
  • 2 x Women Students' Officers
  • 2 x LGBQ Students' Officers
  • 2 x Trans Students' Officers
  • 2 x Disabled Students' Officers
  • 2 x International Students' Officer
  • 2 x Ethical & Environmental Officer
  • 2 x Working Class Students' Officer
  • 6 x Student Community Officers
  • Members of the Activities Committee
  • The Chair (or equivalent) of each of the Residents’ Associations and JCRs
  • One person co-opted by the Senate to be a representative for each of the following groups:
  • (i) student parents, (ii) student carers, (iii) part-time students, (iv) mature students, (v) distance learner students, (vi) students living off-campus;
  • A panel of 20 students randomly selected to be representative of the general student population according to directions set by Steering Committee.

Who can attend Senate?

As a Students' Union, it's important that only our registered students are able to participate in our democratic structures. As such, the constitution restricts attendance to the following people:

  • Any registered student who is a member of the Students' Union may attend or speak at Senate meetings
  • A staff member of the Students’ Union shall be appointed as the Senate Secretary
  • Staff members of the Students’ Union may be invited by the Chair or another member of the Senate to address a meeting to explain or clarify a point of fact
  • Steering Committee may invite persons external to the Students’ Union to give speeches at any Senate meeting, provided that the relevant regulations regarding visiting speakers are complied with
  • Membership of the Senate held by representatives of organisations or bodies may be filled by any member of the Committee of that organisation or body, or by any other person duly authorised to be their representative at a Senate meeting

Attended a meeting and have some feedback?



The Students' Union Awards celebrate all the amazing activities that happen across campus every year. With over 50 awards handed out to the best of the best, the awards recognise both students and staff who excel at what they do.

Click here to view the full list of nominations.



Tuesday 8 May: Teaching, Volunteering, Fundraising and Communities Awards

Wednesday 9 May: Media and Societies Awards






Student Reps are the voice of the students on their course. They are a vital link between the student body, the University, and the Students' Union. 

You can find out more information via our Student Rep Facebook page or alternatively follow us on Twitter.

If you're interested to know who your Student Rep is then please email us at and we'll be in touch with their name as soon as we can. 




Student Reps ensure representation is embedded at every level of the decision-making process within the University. This allows you, as a student, to play an active role in shaping the delivery of your education. By telling your Student Rep how you are feeling about your course, they can drive positive change within the University to ensure your needs are being met.

For information about Faculty Officers, Liberation Officers and International Officers click here.

STAR Awards