Applying As An Individual

Have you looked at campaigns that are already happening?

You may have a cool campaign idea but it is possible that something similar is already happening!

We have a range of campaigning societies, groups and campaigns being run by your exec and elected part-time officers.

Why not have a look at our current campaigns by clicking on the placards:

Do you need want to apply for campaign funding as an individual? Please allow up to three weeks for your campaign bid to be processed and to receive a response

If your campaign doesn’t directly affect students, we can still help you promote your campaign, such as paying for printing and social media boosts. Please contact us for more information.

Remember, before you submit a campaigns bid you should have arranged a meeting with us and completed the four online training modules you can find here.

Your campaign group are eligible to apply for campaign funding if:
  • The money you are bidding for directly feeds into achieving the aims and objectives of your campaign
  • Your campaign directly affects students