LGBTQ+ Officers:

Hi, I am Cee i am your LGBTQ+ Officer, working with Kieran to represent our LGBTQ+ students on campus.


We both aim to:

  • To represent LGBTQ+ students and campaign on their behalf,

  • To work to advance equality between LGBTQ+ and non-LGBTQ+ students,

  • To ensure the continuation and development of the LGBTQ+ Students’ Campaign,

  • To convene projects, events, campaigns and other activities relevant to LGBTQ+ students,

  • To co-chair the LGBTQ+ Committee.

If you wish to get involved please feel free to contact us via email or on Facebook!

2018/2019 projects



  • Organised LGBTQ+ History Month in collaboration with LGBTQ+HM working group

  • Delivered events for LGBTQ+ people of Faith

  • Met with Superbia to discuss  a mural painting to decorate the Safe Space / Liberation Library

  • Contacted LGBT Foundation to disseminate free condoms and sanitary products donation

  • Supported Trans Day of Remembrance

  • Organised a fundraising event during World Aids Day

  • Dissemination of  free condoms and sanitary products in every toilets in campus and halls

  • Call out for projects for LGBTQ+ students artists to paint a mural in the Safe Space

  • Organise a float at Manchester Pride

  • Improve the inclusion of the Gay Village

  • Organise a free Alternative Pride (august)

  • Organise Intersex Awareness Event / Campaign

  • Organise Ace awareness Event/ Campaign