Nominate a mate

'I wouldn’t have even considered running if it wasn’t for the email and kind words I received from my lecturer' (Alex Tayler, Manchester Students’ Union General Secretary 2017-18).

Elections are at the heart of Students’ Unions, and without a centralised elected executive team, we would cease to exist in the same way. We need students who are ready to promote the needs & rights of students and you can help us achieve this by telling us about someone who could make real changes to our community. Perhaps it’s their ability to speak out on issues in class, perhaps it’s the way they conduct themselves in group projects, or perhaps something tells you they would just be good at it. 

Simply fill out the form attached and we’ll do the rest. You can either suggest a position or just give us their name, we won’t tell them who has suggested them if you wish to remain anonymous, but feel free to encourage them in person. 

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