COVID-19 and the adjustments to your university accommodation contract

(Published Monday 19th October)

I want to start off by thanking you for your continuing support to adhering to the COVID-19 safety guidelines and measures. Your students’ union have been able to lobby the university to allow students in halls of residence to leave if you wish to. If you are a student living in the University Halls of Residences, you might have received this email from the accommodation office. 

“The UK Government advice for Greater Manchester, is that students are strongly encouraged to remain in their current accommodation and not return to their family home or other residential accommodation. If in exceptional circumstances you wish to return home and no longer require your University accommodation, please contact the Accommodation Office by:
·         Emailing: [email protected] and stating ‘LEAVING ACCOMMODATION’ in the subject line.
·         Please quote your full name and University ID Number in the body of the email. We will then work with you to make sure you can safely leave the campus.
Note that if you are self-isolating you should not leave your accommodation until after the end of your self-isolation period.
Where someone does opt to leave, they will still be charged until the point that they clear their room and hand back the keys.”

If you make the decision to terminate your contract in halls, you may need to arrange alternative accommodation in the private sector if you decide to return to Manchester later in the academic year. Contact your SU advice service if you would like further guidance on this. As your students’ union we are here to support you, if you have any problems leaving your halls of residence, please don’t hesitate to contact the Advice team for support. We will provide you with independent and confidential advice. Email [email protected] or visit

You can visit the Covid-Hub on your SU website for more updates and information from the SU and your executive officers on the impacts of COVID-19 on your University experience.

Stay safe, protect the community and the vulnerable and save lives, 

Junior Usina
SU Welfare and Community Officer

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