Welcome back to your SU building

(Published on Thursday 10th September)

Hello, I am your Welfare and Community officer, I wish you all a cordial welcome to the Students’ Union building re-opening which is on Tuesday 15th September.

We'd highly recommend that you come into the Students’ Union Building and the Manchester Academy if you feel comfortable to do so to get a feeling for what your SU has to offer. 

Without you, the students, there is no Students’ Union. People's health and safety is our priority in everything we do during this time

SU staff have put in place measures following government and University guidance for the reopening of our building to help make it as safe and as comfortable as possible for you. 

As part of your SU, when you walk into our buildings, signage will be placed to help you follow our guidance to ensure that we help each other through this time. As well as clear signage, we will also have staff on hand to assist you with any questions or queries you might have.

These are the following measures have been put in place at the students’ union building as well as Manchester Academy. 

  • We have introduced a one-way system for accessing the building. Clear entrance and exit signage will be on the doors.
  • We have a Track and Trace system. Scan the QR code posters at the entrance as well as around the building. This is for the purpose of contact tracing in line with the government track and trace system procedures and it is GDPR compliant. Turn on the Safe Zone App recommended by the University of Manchester while accessing the Students’ Union.
  • We ask that you always wear your mask or face covering while accessing SU building. Except during food and drinking as well as for anyone with access and/or medical needs for not wearing a mask or face covering.
  • We have adopted a 2m social distancing rule for our corridors and waiting areas of the SU. 
  • We have available hand sanitiser stations around the building for your use.

Your SU Executive Officers and staff team are working to provide a safe environment for you at your SU. 

If you have any concerns or issues, please speak to a member of staff or feel free to contact us ahead of your visit. 

Here are some of the support services links which you can access for any health and safety issues or seeking advice for your wellbeing support. 

To ensure you're fully informed about the situation as well as general support links from the University:

Welcome website https://www.welcome.manchester.ac.uk/

Covid-19 Staying Safe https://www.welcome.manchester.ac.uk/welcome-and-induction/arriving-on-campus/staying-safe/

Covid- 19 FAQs https://studentnews.manchester.ac.uk/2020/05/12/coronavirus-frequently-asked-questions/#campus-and-halls

Check in and Chat https://survey.manchester.ac.uk/pssweb/index.php/655384/lang-en

Support Services http://www.studentsupport.manchester.ac.uk/taking-care/support-services/

Student Support http://www.studentsupport.manchester.ac.uk/                                                                                                                           

Counselling and Mental Health Services https://www.counsellingservice.manchester.ac.uk/workshops/ 

Get information about coronavirus on NHS.UK https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/

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