Our Students Union liberation campaigns support and fights for the rights of Black*, Disabled, LGBT+, Trans and Women students. Liberation is important to the Students Union because our identities affect our participation, achievement and progression in education.

We use the term ‘liberation’ because we believe that working on these issues is about liberation – freedom from the oppression people face because of their identities.

Very rarely do our identities fall neatly under one label – humans are by their nature multi-faceted with several interwoven identities.

Intersectionality recognises this particularly in the context of the oppressions faced by different groups. The oppression experienced by a particular group is compounded when you belong to more than one of them. We take an intersectional approach to our work to ensure that the many parts of our identities are included when talking about a part of our identity so as to not focus on single issues causes.   

The following Liberation Campaigns we have in the Students Union are the following:


- Women’s

- BME Students

- Trans Students

- LGBTQ Students

- Disabled Students

- International Students

- Workings Class Students

- Ethics and Environmental Campaign