City Wide Action


Underpinning the city’s new approach to tackling homelessness is the Manchester Homelessness Charter, a series of values and principles that outline how those experiencing homelessness should expect to be treated and how the city collectively aims to find long-term solutions.

The charter has been developed through conversation with people with experience of homelessness to ensure that their voices are heard. Primarily aimed at businesses and organisations, individuals can also demonstrate their support of the charter with a pledge to take action.

Following the launch of the charter, a series of action groups have been set up to address specific issues that have been identified as presenting the biggest barriers to homeless individuals. These include groups looking at improving mental health provision, increasing emergency accommodation for rough sleepers, creating indoor evening provision for rough sleepers, increasing employment opportunities and improving sub-standard temporary accommodation.

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Street Support is an online platform which acts as a central hub to co-ordinate services that support homeless people in Manchester. It links together all the charities and voluntary groups working in this area with people who would like to help, to ensure that help is directed effectively to where it is most needed.

The Street Support web app provides a directory of all relevant services in Manchester and can be used on a smartphone to look up which services are available to support rough sleepers and homeless individuals on any given day and time.

Members of the public who want to volunteer or donate items can use Street Support to find out which charities are looking for help and what they need.

The platform is also used to host the Manchester Homelessness Charter, to update on progress in each of the action groups and to share the stories of people with experience of homelessness.

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