The Big Change campaign is about working collaboratively to help to end homelessness, focusing on the long term, rather than the short term.

The Big Change campaign promotes alternative giving, encouraging the public to give to The Big Change fund which goes towards practical items to help individuals into accommodation and employment..

The Big Change society aims to get students involved in working to end homelessness in the long run. They have four objectives as a society:

1. To fundraise for The Big Change campaign,

2. To help students get involved with ending homelessness in an effective way, encouraging students to use the skills they have to affect change.

3. Campaigning to try to change student’s perceptions about those who are homeless and raise greater awareness of the issue.

4. To promote responsible giving amongst students


This year they have held a number of awareness and fundraising events. If you want to find out more and / or get involved like the Facebook page and come along to the next meeting!


The Homeless Healthcare society aims to improve homeless health through student education and volunteering.

They host lectures and workshops by experts in the field, such as doctors, nurses and support workers which are open to all and free to attend.

This society also helps students access volunteering by running health training, shadowing healthcare staff and also helping to share stories of individuals with experience of homelessness.

To stay up-to-date with society events and volunteering, follow the Facebook page or email the society with any of your questions HERE