*Content Warning – Rape and Sexual Assault*


Every year, we Reclaim the Night.

We light up the city of Manchester, amplify our collective voices and take to the streets to say 'NO' to sexual violence against women, street harassment, rape culture and victim blaming.


Here’s why some of our 2,000 participants in 2015 marched to Reclaim the Night:


“The first time I was catcalled I was 10”

“I want safer streets for my sisters!”

“I want to and deserve to feel safe and unthreatened on MY streets. I’ve been assaulted too many times”

“We need women to achieve their full potential without feeling inferior”

“It’s NEVER a ‘compliment’”

“My 7 year old daughter should grow up in an equal world”

“My body, my rules”

“Students need a safe space to talk about feminist issues! I should not be shamed for being a feminist”

“We are all people, we all deserve equal rights”

“I want my mum to not worry about my safety”

“It should never have become a risk in the first place”

“Because it happens in BROAD DAYLIGHT when you’re stone cold sober. Consent is vital”

“Being called a girl should not be an insult”

“I am no one’s property”

“Being groped at a club is not okay”

“I shouldn’t be scared to walk home alone”

“A ‘Pimps and Hoes’ themed night is not ok for your university social!”

“Safe streets!”

“I have experienced sexual assault and rape. I was not believed because I am gender queer”

“Because what girl hasn’t been intimidated in the street?”



Please click here for more information on the Women's Campaign and how you can get involved.