Student Shuttle Bus FAQs

Can I use the Student Shuttle Bus if I don’t have my student card?

Yes! If you’ve lost or forgotten your student card, you will be able to give your student number to write on the form and show another form of ID.

Can I use the Student Shuttle Bus if I don’t have enough cash?

Yes, similar to our Safe Taxi Scheme, if you don’t have enough cash you can leave your student card with the driver and pick it up from the Students’ Union Helpdesk from 12pm the following day in return for the fare.

Can non-student/Man Met/RNCM students use the Student Shuttle Bus if they’re travelling with a student?

No, the bus is for University of Manchester students only.

What happens if I miss the last Student Shuttle Bus?

We run a Safe Taxi Scheme with Street Cars, where they will take you home even if you don’t have enough cash and you can give them your student card, which you can pick up from the SU front desk in return for the fare the next day. There are also public buses running throughout the night along Oxford road.

How many times a week/night can I use the Student Shuttle Bus?

However many times you like!

What if I’m in a large group – will some of us have to wait?

The bus has 13 seats and space for a wheelchair. The seats will be filled on a first come first served basis, so if you can’t all fit in some of you may have to wait for the next one, or we can call our partner taxi firm to take the remainder of you home.

Can you reserve a seat on the Student Shuttle Bus in advance?

Yes, you can come to the Learning Commons front desk to fill out the form for the service you would like to get on, but if you are not there five minutes before the bus leaves your space may be given to someone else.

Is there room for luggage on the Student Shuttle Bus?

There is a small amount of room if you have a bag or small suitcase, but anything larger will be at the driver’s discretion and down to the space available on that specific service.

Is the Student Shuttle Bus fully accessible?

Yes there is a lift at the back of the bus and space for a wheelchair.

Who do I contact if I leave my belongings on the Student Shuttle Bus?

You can contact the Students' Union helpdesk, either by email at or by phone on 0161 2752930.

Can you eat and drink on the Student Shuttle Bus?


Can I use the Student Shuttle Bus if I’m intoxicated?

We don’t mind if you’ve had a few (or more) drinks when using the bus, we only ask that you are respectful and quiet when waiting for the bus in the Learning Commons foyer and that you treat our staff and other passengers well.

What happens if I'm sick on the Student Shuttle Bus?

There will be buckets on the bus just in case, but if the bus requires cleaning you will be charged a £20 cleaning fee.

My house is just outside of [last stop]. Will the Student Shuttle Bus be able to drop me off there?

If you live slightly further than the last zone, it will be at our drivers discretion as to whether they can take you all the way, depending on whether they will be able to make it back to the Learning Commons in time for the next departure.

Can the Student Shuttle Bus take me directly from [south point/north point] to [north point/south point]?

The bus only picks people up from one stop, the Learning Commons, and can take you anywhere in the zones shown on the map.

Will the Student Shuttle Bus wait to check that I’m home safely?

Yes, the bus will wait outside until you are safely inside before driving off.

Is the Student Shuttle Bus just for women?

No, any student can use the shuttle bus.

Who will be driving the Student Shuttle Bus?

We will be employing two student staff to run the bus every night. Both will have a relevant driving license and a safe driving test. They will be fully trained for emergency situations and have undergone safeguarding training, as well as training on our zero tolerance policies to any form of harassment of discrimination.

Can I apply to be a driver?

If there are vacancies they will be advertised on the jobs section of the Students' Union website. 

Who do I contact about the Student Shuttle Bus?

You can either contact the Students' Union help desk or our Women’s Officer who coordinates the project for further enquiries.

Is the Student Shuttle Bus run by The University of Manchester?

It is run by the Students’ Union but there has been a financial contribution from the University to help towards the costs of the service.

What is my money going towards?

Your fares will be going towards fundraising for local services working with people who have experienced sexual and domestic violence. In particular, it will be funding a specific Student Support Worker at Manchester Rape Crisis, who will be supporting students who have experienced sexual violence, working with the Women’s Officer and providing training to University and Students' Union staff.