Community Committee

What does the Community Committee do?

  • Provides a platform for students to feed into the SU’s Communities work
  • Prioritises the work of the Community Officer
  • Develops policy for the consideration of the Senate
  • Prioritises and implements any relevant Union policy
  • Oversees activity relating to community relations, Halls of Residence and student housing
  • Oversees the Union’s relations with Manchester City Council, the relevant departments of the University and all other external bodies relevant to Community affairs
  • Members have a voting seat on the Students' Union Senate

Who sits on the Community Committee?

The Community Committee is made up of:

  1. Community Officer
  2. Living at Home Student Senate Rep

The Chair or equivalent (or a nominee from the RA/JCR Committee) from the following halls:

  1. St Gabriel's
  2. St Anselm's
  3. Hulme & Burkhardt
  4. Canterbury Court
  5. Dalton Ellis
  6. George Kenyon
  7. Opal Gardens
  8. Oak House
  9. Owens Park
  10. Victoria Hall
  11. Woolton Hall
  12. Ashburne and Sheavyn
  13. Wright Robinson
  14. Whitworth Park
  15. Oak House
  16. Richmond Park
  17. Student Community Officer: Fallowfield & Withington
  18. Student Community Officer: Fallowfield & Withington
  19. Student Community Officer: Rusholme and Whitworth Park
  20. Student Community Officer: Rusholme and Whitworth Park
  21. Student Community Officer: City Centre
  22. Student Community Officer: City Centre
  23. RAG Chair
  24. Access All Areas Chair
  25. Student Action Chair

See below for Committee Meeting Minutes: 

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