Faith Committee

Faith Committee


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What does the Faith Committee do?

  • Represents Faith students in the Students' Union's democratic structures
  • Feeds into the work of the Diversity and Liberation Committee
  • Leads on inter-faith work, and projects, events and campaigns relevant to students of faith
  • Provides a place for Faith students to shape the work of the SU and voice their opinions
  • The Chair (or nominee) of Faith Committee has a non-voting seat on the Diversity and Liberation Committee

Who sits on the Faith Committee?*

  1. Christian Rep
  2. Jewish Rep
  3. Muslim Rep
  4. Buddhist Rep
  5. Sikh Rep
  6. Hindu Rep
  7. Other Religion/Spiritual Belief Rep

* These places were selected based on data provided by the University.  

The Wellbeing Officer will support the work of the Faith Committee.

See below for the Faith Committee's meeting minutes.