Liberation and Acess Committee

What does the Liberation and Access Committee do?

Provides a platform for students to feed into the SU’s Diversity and Liberation work

Prioritises the work of the Liberation and Access Officer

Develops policy for the consideration of the Senate

Prioritises and implements any relevant Union policy

Oversees Union activity relating to equality, diversity and liberation

Who sits on the Diversity and Liberation Committee?

  1. Liberation and Access Officer 
  2. Women's Officer
  3. BME Students' Officer
  4. BME Students' Officer
  5. Disabled Students' Officer
  6. Disabled Students' Officer
  7. Women Students' Officer
  8. Women Students' Officer
  9. Trans Students' Officer
  10. Trans Students' Officer
  11. International Students' Officer
  12. International Students' Officer
  13. LGBQ+ Students' Officer
  14. LGBQ+ Students' Officer
  15. Widening Participation Students' Officer
  16. Widening Participation Students Officer
  17. Student Parent Officer
  18. Living at Home Students Officer
  19. Student Carers Officer
  20. Open Place 1
  21. Open Place 2
  22. Open Place 3
  23. Open Place 4
  24. The Chair (or nominee) of Faith Committee has a non-voting seat on the Diversity and
  25. Liberation Committee