Faith Committee

What does the Faith Committee do?

  • Represents Faith students in the Students' Union's democratic structures
  • Feeds into the work of the Diversity and Liberation Committee
  • Leads on inter-faith work, and projects, events and campaigns relevant to students of faith
  • Provides a place for Faith students to shape the work of the SU and voice their opinions
  • The Chair (or nominee) of Faith Committee has a non-voting seat on the Diversity and Liberation Committee

Who sits on the Faith Committee?*

  1. Christian Rep
  2. Jewish Rep
  3. Muslim Rep
  4. Buddhist Rep
  5. Sikh Rep
  6. Hindu Rep
  7. Other Religion/Spiritual Belief Rep

* These places were selected based on data provided by the University. 

The Wellbeing Officer will support the work of the Faith Committee.

Use the form below to stand for election to the Faith Committee

Faith Committee Election Form

See below for the Faith Committee's meeting minutes:

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