Society and Citizenship Committee

What does the Society and Citizenship Committee do?

  • Overseeing the work of the Campaigns and Citizenship Officer, and holding them to account
  • Coordinating all activity relating to ethical, social, environmental or other external public affairs
  • Supporting and facilitating campaigning by students 
  • Developing policy for the consideration of the Senate
  • Prioritising, implementing and monitoring all Union policies related to Society and Citizenship
  • Leading on relevant events such as Earth Week

Who sits on the Society and Citizenship Committee?

  1. Campaigns and Citizenship Officer
  2. Ethical and Environmental Officer
  3. Open Place 1
  4. Open Place 2
  5. Open Place 3
  6. Open Place 4
  7. Open Place 5
  8. Open Place 6
  9. Open Place 7
  10. Open Place 8

See below for previous committee meeting minutes:

March 16/17
February 16/17
November 16/17
December 17/18
February 17/18