Steering Committee

What does Steering Committee do?

  • Ensures Senate is run properly and complies with the Students' Union's bye laws
  • Determines the agenda for Senate meetings
  • Develops and works to improve Senate related democratic processes
  • Ensures that the Constitution, Bye-Laws and policies of the Union are up-to-date, in plain English and consistent with one another
  • All other functions and powers assigned to it in the Bye-Law on Policy and the Bye-Law on the Senate

Who sits on Steering Committee?

  1. General Secretary
  2. Another Exec Officer, appointed by the Exec Team
  3. The Chair of the Senate
  4. Open Place 1
  5. Open Place 2
  6. Open Place 3
  7. Open Place 4
  8. Open Place 5
  9. Open Place 6

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