Welfare Committee

What does the Wellbeing Committee do?

  • Provides a platform for students to feed into the SU’s Wellbeing work
  • Prioritises the work of the Wellbeing Officer
  • Develops policy for the consideration of the Senate
  • Prioritises and implements any relevant Union policy
  • Oversees Union activity relating to wellbeing and personal development of students, including the Advice Service and our work with Univerity wellbeing support offices

Who sits on the Wellbeing Committee?

  1. Wellbeing Officer
  2. Disabled Students' Officer 1
  3. Disabled Students' Officer 2
  4. Student Parent Senate Rep
  5. Mature Student Senate Rep
  6. Student Carer Senate Rep
  7. Nightline Rep
  8. Open Place 1
  9. Open Place 2
  10. Open Place 3
  11. Open Place 4