Women's Committee

What does the Women's Committee do?

  • Provides a platform for students to feed into the SU’s work for women students
  • Prioritises the work of the Women’s Officer
  • Develops policy for the consideration of the Senate
  • Prioritises and implements any relevant Union policy
  • Oversees Union activity relating to the equality and liberation of women students
  • Leads on events, policy and campaigns around women's issues

Who sits on the Women's Committee?*

  1. Women's Officer
  2. Women Students' Officer 1
  3. Women Students' Officer 2
  4. Open Place 1
  5. Open Place 2
  6. Open Place 3
  7. Open Place 4
  8. Open Place 5
  9. Open Place 6
  10. Open Place 7

*Please note, to hold a place on Women's Committee you must identify as a woman or have a gender identity that includes woman.


See below for Committee Meeting Minutes:

March 16/17
January 16/17
December 16/17​
December 17/18