What is STAR?

STAR stands for Special Thanks and Recognition – This scheme has been developed by the Students’ Union to send thanks to those who go above and beyond and deserve recognition for their work and actions.  These awards are a great opportunity for you to recognize ANY member of staff who has enhanced your student experience; whether that’s a friendly smile from the librarian or a lecturer who goes out of their way to engage students!

Who can be nominated for a STAR?

ANY staff member from student-support staff, to librarians, to café-workers, and academics. The great thing about STAR is that there are no categories or criteria for nomination, it’s a fun and simple way of letting people know that you appreciate them!

When can I nominate someone for a STAR?

STAR awards go on all year round- so you can submit a nomination at any point throughout the academic year!

How do I nominate someone for a STAR?

It’s easy to nominate a staff member- just click here and fill in this short form! We just need a few words as to why you’ve nominated them (We’ll print this message on the card they receive along with the award, so make sure it’s coherent)!

What is the award?

The nominee will receive a STAR badge and a card with the exact words the students have written in their nomination. More than just kind words and a shiny badge, this award is a great way of making staff members feel appreciated!

When will my Nominee receive the Award?

From when you submit the application to sending out the award via the STAR ambassador we aim to get the award to your nominee within 2 weeks (N.B. this will depend upon the availability of our STAR ambassadors).

Spread the word- become a STAR Ambassador

As a STAR ambassador, it’s your job to inform students of the STAR scheme to ensure everyone knows that they can recognize ANY outstanding member of staff. As an added bonus you get to hand out the award to the staff-member who has been nominated!

Why become a STAR ambassador!?

  • You’ll gain great new skills and competencies; in organization, communication and leadership!
  • It’s a great opportunity to meet new people from across the university…!
  • The experience gives you a chance to celebrate great teaching, and as an ambassador, you’ll get to hand out the award!

If you want to become a STAR ambassador just send a quick email to natalie.collins@manchester.ac.uk and we’ll get you started!