I am a Student Rep

Key things to do as a Student Rep

  1. Attend Student Rep training to find out the basics of being a Rep. If you've missed training make sure you complete the online training.
  2. Find out what students on your course think about their education.
  3. Go to committee meetings to represent the views of the students on your course and report the outcomes back to the Students Union and the student body.
  4. Attend Faculty focus groups and work alongside your Faculty Rep to discuss wider issues.
  5. Support education campaigns on campus and spread the word to your coursemates.

Sharing Your Successes

Here at the Union we LOVE to hear all about our Student Reps' great work. We can share your successes on our fortnightly newsletter and make sure that you get the recognition that you deserve. So, let us know your success stories no matter how great or small in the comment box below.