Should I be a Rep?

What’s in it for me?

You will have the unique opportunity to make positive changes to how education is delivered within the university. You will be able to gain key skills, enhance your employability and join a network of campaigners involved with the Students' Union.

You will also be awarded the HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Award) at the end of your post, and will get the chance to be nominated for ‘Student Rep of the Year’ in the Union and NUS Awards.

Rep Stories

The best way to find out all about the benefits of being a Student Rep is to speak to your current Rep or Faculty Officer. Below we have some comments and clips from past Reps on why they have valued the experience so much.

Daniel, International Business, Finance and Economics.


Young Jae Lee, BSc in Management:


What reps have enjoyed about their role:


“Gathering feedback from my colleagues, collaborating with other reps and negotiating with the teaching staff massively improved various interpersonal skills!” ~Florian Forster


“I had written a bit about this post on my CV and it became a major point of discussion as the interviewers were very keen to find out what exactly being a student representative meant. Clearly, I explained well, as I am already in my internship year striving to increase the gradient of my learning curve." ~Maaz Ashraf

“All in all, the role of student rep itself is viewed positively by students as it provides them with a voice which gets counted for, and we are very happy being a part of that”Maheen Hussain and Mia Strand