As an independent charity, the Union has a Trustee Board to oversee all of its activities, to make sure it complies with the law and that it remains financially stable and sustainable.

The Trustee Board is composed of our eight elected Exec Team members (our Sabbatical Officers), three student trustees, and three external members who are appointed for their skills and experience. Click here to see profiles of our current Trustees.

The Trustee Board is the overall governing body of the Students' Union and is responsible for the Union's long-term health and sustainability. It monitors the performance of the Union's employees and finances.

The Trustees normally do not get involved in student-facing or day-to-day issues, but the Board has the right to block anything on the grounds that it is financially unviable, or poses a legal threat or other large risk to the Union.

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Board papers

You can find here the agendas and minutes of Trustee Board meetings.

2015-2016   2016-2017   2017-2018  
16.07.2015 Agenda 25.07.2016 Agenda 24.07.2017 Agenda
  Minutes   Minutes   Minutes
17.09.2015 Agenda 15.09.2016 Agenda    
  Minutes   Minutes    
26.11.2015 Agenda 08.12.2016 Agenda    
  Minutes   Minutes    
    23.03.2017 Agenda    
04.02.2016 Agenda 25.05.2017 Agenda    
  Minutes   Minutes    
28.04.2016 Agenda        
09.06.2016 Agenda