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Student Action is a group of students who believe in working directly with people in the local community to address prominent issues in Manchester. We run a range of projects across the city that champion a collaborative and community spirit, and give volunteers the chance to share and develop skills. Student Action is overseen by an elected student committee who manage budgets and help support and represent student project leaders. You can apply for all of our volunteering opportunities through the Volunteer Hub! Use your student email address to create an account and search for the projects you’re interested in. Projects post adverts throughout the year, so be sure to check back regularly to see what’s new.

If you’re a current volunteer, check out the contact details at the bottom of this page, or see our Volunteering Handbook for more info.

Here’s an introduction to Student Action from our Chair, Cam Thomley:

Current Projects

Accordian left Women’s Projects Find more...

These projects are run by self- identifying women volunteers supporting the wellbeing of women living in local centres. Currently our volunteers visit women’s shelters and supported housing to cook meals and run activity sessions for women with mental health issues.

There are two projects available in this area, Burkhart Project and Direct Access Project. Hear from their project leaders below:

Burkhart Women’s Project

To get involved with our Burkhart project, find their Volunteer Hub advert here or email Project Leader Eve on [email protected]

Direct Access Women’s Project

To get involved with the Direct Access Project, look them up on the Volunteer Hub or email Project Leader May on [email protected]


Accordian left Homeless Projects Find more...

Student Action has 4 projects that support homeless people, or those on the edge of homelessness, in and around Manchester. Our projects form part of the Coalition of Relief, which is a group of organisations which have come together to help combat the problems that homeless people face in Manchester.

Stockport Food Project

The project aims to provide a hot, healthy meal for residents at a homeless shelter. The shelter provides support for men and is based in Stockport. We aim to provide this meal once a week and provide social interaction as we eat and cook together in the communal kitchen. It is beneficial for the people living there as we engage with them and create a healthy environment. To get involved with Stockport Food Project, look them up on the Volunteer Hub or email Project Leaders Lily and Louis on [email protected]

Strathclyde Shelter Project

This project focuses on connecting with women and children staying in the shelter through entertaining and creative activities. It is a way to provide support to those people during a difficult time in their life. To get involved with Strathclyde Shelter Project, look them up on the Volunteer Hub or email Project Leaders Mary and Rosheen on projectlea[email protected]

Outreach Project

Within the current COVID-19 guidelines, we aim to go out in Manchester city centre, usually in pairs (a project leader and volunteer). We provide hot

drinks, signposting (to services such as shelters, access to hot meals and housing advice) and company to the homeless people of Manchester. To get involved with the Outreach Project, look them up on the Volunteer Hub or email Senior Project Leader Lucy on [email protected]

Once A Month Project

This project aims to support vulnerable people across Manchester by providing charities with sanitary products and hygiene items. We aim to ensure that the packing sessions are fun and relaxing, enabling volunteers to meet like-minded people whilst also contributing to the local community. To get involved with Once A Month, look them up on Facebook or the Volunteer Hub or email Project Leaders Isabel, Salma, Sanna, and Kathryn on [email protected]

Accordian left Children’s Projects Find more...

Volunteers on our Willowbank project plan and deliver fun recreational sessions for local young people and children in local temporary accommodation, sharing their knowledge and skills with children living there. To get involved with the Willowbank project, look for them on the Volunteer Hub or email Project Leader Becky on [email protected] for more information.

Accordian left Sustainability Projects Find more...

Student Action has 4 projects that focus on sustainability, each of which tackle today’s issues from a different angle.

Incredible Edible

Incredible Edible aims to raise awareness of environmental issues, food justice and sustainability by cultivating organic vegetables and herbs around the University for the local community to use free of charge. To get involved with Incredible Edible, look for them on the Volunteer Hub or email Project Leaders Akhila and Alice on [email protected]

Biko Bikes

The aim of this project is to make cycling more accessible to students by providing bikes to rent at a low cost and helping existing bike owners repair and maintain their bikes. This promotes a sustainable, healthy lifestyle and fun way of travelling around the city. Get involved with Biko Bikes by finding them on Facebook or the Volunteer Hub or email Project Leaders Tom, Phoebe, and Charlie on [email protected]

Want Not Waste

Want Not Waste is a student-run plastic-free shop, selling sustainable goods as well as hosting a range of events such as such as clothes swaps, DIY/skill share workshops, and talks on living sustainably. To find out more, visit their Facebook page, find them on the Volunteer Hub or email Project Leaders Holly, Tasha, Eric, Lauren, Lucy, and Ciara on [email protected]

The Closet

The Closet promotes sustainable fashion by holding vintage and sample clothing sales, donating all profits to Manchester Mind. Volunteers can take on a number responsibilities including marketing and visual merchandising, and you can apply online through the Volunteer Hub. Volunteer Hub current advert: Follow The Closet on Facebook to find out about their upcoming events, or email Project Leaders Abbey and Sangjin on [email protected].

Accordian left Safety Projects Find more...

Student Angels

Student Angels is a night-time street safety initiative, which involves teams of trained student volunteer leaders and support volunteers heading out into the Manchester University and Fallowfield areas at peak night times over the weekend to support our student community in a variety of ways. We provide

anything from a chat to first aid, and we’ve risk assessed all our activity in line with COVID-19 guidance. To find out more, visit their Facebook page, email Project Matilda on [email protected] or apply below:

Volunteer application:
Shift lead volunteer application:

Accordian left Refugee & Asylum Seeker Projects Find more...

The Refugee and Asylum Seeker Conversation Club provides a safe and supportive environment for sanctuary seekers to practice their English speaking skills through friendly conversation. The project works with lots of different charity partners, and will have in-person and remote opportunities available on the Volunteer Hub throughout the year.

To find out more, email Project Leaders Abi, Rosa, and Megan on [email protected]

Accordian left Intergenerational Projects Find more...

UoM Buddy Scheme

The UoM Buddy Scheme was set up in March 2020 as a response to Covid-19. The scheme matches student volunteers with elderly people. The volunteers ring their buddy at least once a week for a friendly chat and provide an important outside connection in an increasingly lonely situation. If you are interested in volunteering, you can look them up on the Volunteer Hub or email Project Leaders Fangyuan, Vicky, Frankie, Emma, and Amelia on [email protected]

If you would like to refer an older person to the scheme please fill out this survey.

Intergen Events, Parties, & Trips

Our intergenerational projects invite elderly people from the local community to join us for a number of wonderful events held throughout the year. With

over 100 local elderly people on our database our events are lively to say the least. We hold parties, film afternoons, dance classes and trips throughout the year. The community really look forwards to the events and they are great fun for volunteers to get involved with as well! Opportunities to get involved will be added to the Volunteer Hub from January 2021, so make sure to check back! If you’d like to contact the project, email Project Leader Tina on [email protected].

Accordian left Accessibility Projects Find more...

People with People Tuesday and Wednesday groups connect young people with additional needs from across Manchester with our student volunteers with the aim of them enjoying fun, weekly social activities together as a group of friends. Past activities include arts & crafts, movie nights, meals out, zoo/aquarium trips and games evenings in the SU.

To find out more, email Project Leaders Tom and Natalie with any questions, or find the projects on the Volunteer Hub. Tuesday group – Tom – [email protected] Wednesday group – Natalie – [email protected]

Your Student Action Committee

Chair: Cameron Thomley – [email protected]
Vice Chair: Isabel Duffield - [email protected] / [email protected]
Treasurer: Natalie Rogers - [email protected] / [email protected]
Accessibility Projects Coordinator: Tom Murphy - [email protected]
Children’s Projects Coordinator: Becky McNutt – [email protected]
Homeless Projects Coordinator: Isabel Duffield – [email protected]
Intergenerational Projects Coordinator: Tianle Yu - [email protected]
Sustainability Projects Coordinator: Tom Pugh – [email protected]
Women’s Projects Coordinator: May Furnish - [email protected]

Keep up to date with Student Action on Facebook!

Contact us

If you have any questions about volunteering, you can contact the Volunteering & Fundraising Team via the following:

Email: [email protected]
Drop-in: Mondays, 2pm – 3pm on Zoom:
DBS Drop-in: Wednesdays 2pm – 3pm on Zoom:
Download our Volunteering Handbook here

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