Accessibility Advice

Accessibility should be considered as soon as you start planning your event.

Key questions for you and your team to think about include:

i) Who is your audience and why?
ii) What questions do you need to yourself and other about accessibility?
iii) Is there anything preventing people from hearing about your event or being able to attend?
iv) How can I pass on what I have learnt about accessibility?

Some Key Considerations Might Include:

  • Ask Attendees about their needs in advance.
  • Consider Wheelchair Access.
  • Ensure Gender Neutral Toilets and Accessible Toilets are available.
  • Respect people’s independence.
  • Write all text in 16pt or above.
  • Consider Students with children and their availability.
  • Don’t assume people want to be touched when attempting to help.
  • Provide accessibility information in advance of the event.
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