We Get It!

Here at the University of Manchester and the Students’ Union, we don’t tolerate sexual harassment – and you shouldn’t either.

We Get It is a joint campaign, organised by the University and the Students' Union, in support of our zero tolerance approach to any form of bullying, harassment or discrimination. 

UoM students and staff have the right to study, live and socialise in a safe, supportive place. Bullying, harassment, and discrimination is never ok and no-one on our campus or in our surrounding community should be treated badly.

Sexual harassment can include unwanted groping, pinching or smacking of your body, uninvited kisses or bodily contact - but isn’t just physical. Other examples of sexual harassment include wolfwhistling and catcalling, inappropriate sexual comments, and sexually-based insults, jokes, songs or taunts. It can be emotional, verbal, suggestive…anything that makes someone feel uncomfortable.

It can happen on campus, in your halls, in bars or nightclubs, on public transport or online in facebook groups or on twitter. It can be someone you know well or it could be from somebody completely anonymous.

Most people don't report harassment as they think it's not serious enough, or they feel embarrassed and ashamed. The University takes all forms of sexual harassment very seriously. You never have to put up with this, and there’s always someone to talk to – click here for information on speaking confidentially to trained Harassment Advisors, as well as accessing other support services.


Take the We Get It pledge

As part of our commitment to creating a welcome and inclusive university community, we’re asking staff and students to take a pledge. This shows that we won’t tolerate sexual harassment of any kind – Manchester gets it – harassment isn’t acceptable. Sign the pledge online, or when you see us around campus, and wear a We Get It wristband to show your support. 

What are we doing to tackle sexual harassment?

The Students’ Union operate a Zero Tolerance to Sexual Harassment policy and is an NUS accredited zero tolerance union. Should you experience sexual harassment on our premises, please report it to any member of staff who will refer you to the Duty Manager. All of our Duty Managers are specially trained and will deal with the situation immediately, and provide you with the support you need.

The Advice Service is available to all students for confidential support during opening hours. If you have been affected by sexual harassment and need someone to talk to you can contact the Women’s Officer, Sara Heddi at sara.heddi@manchester.ac.uk

The Students’ Union has an active Women’s Campaign which all self-identifying women students are able to take part in. As part of the Women’s Campaign, the Union runs a Students Against Sexual Harassment group which is open to all students (including none women) to develop campaigns and tackle sexual harassment on campus and in society. To get involved, please visit https://www.facebook.com/ManchesterSUWomens

How you can tackle sexual harassment:

Everyone deserves to be part of a learning community that they feel safe and secure in, staff and students alike. We can all play a role in ensuring that University of Manchester is a sexual harassment free zone.

  1. Think about your actions. Even if you would never knowing harass someone, anything that creates an intimidating, humiliating or offensive environment, interferes with a student or staff member’s learning, working or social surroundings or makes someone feel stressed or anxious - is harassment, even if it’s unintentional. What one person thinks is harmless ‘banter’ can have a real impact on many others’ enjoyment and safety at University. No one should have to feel uncomfortable for the sake of a joke.
  2. Talk to your mates about sexual harassment. What it is, how it makes people feel and why it’s not OK. Encourage them to sign up to the We Get It pledge. 
  3. If you see any form of sexual harassment taking place, and you feel safe to do so, challenge it. Even if you don’t know who was involved, report it. It’s important that we know when, where and how sexual harassment takes place so that we can tackle it together.
  4. Practice a culture of Zero Tolerance in your student societies and sports clubs. The Students’ Union has policy on Zero Tolerance to Sexual Harassment, so make sure you’ve read it and that you’re implementing it in your meetings, socials and online spaces. The Union will be running Zero Tolerance training for societies throughout February, so sign up.
  5. Join the Students Against Sexual Harassment group
  6. Tell us what else we can do to tackle sexual harassment. Share your ideas by emailing sara.heddi@manchester.ac.uk

Who to contact:

You can contact a Harassment Advisor for yourself, or if you believe someone else is being sexually harassed for advice and support.

The Students’ Union Advice Centre is a free, confidential advice service, independent of the University and run by professional advisors. It is open all year round Monday-Friday 10am-4pm, and is found on the ground floor of the Students’ Union building. You can also contact an advisor by telephone or e-mail.

You can get more information from the Student Advice and Information Hub, the Student Services Centre and the Office of the Head of Student Support and Services


We are all responsible to create an inclusive and welcoming campus. UoM students and staff have the right to study, live and socialise in a safe, supportive place.

  1. I will take action to prevent sexual harassment, and support others to do so too.
  2. I will not tolerate, condone or ignore sexual harassment of any kind. I will challenge sexual harassment when possible.
  3. I will educate myself and others about sexual harassment. What it is, how it makes people feel and why it’s not OK.

At Manchester, we get it.