Welfare Officer

I'm Deej

I’m a student-parent whilst going into my second year as an executive officer. Previously I held at a campaign and citizenship position, before I was a political student. Once working as a drugs and mental health worker at ‘Youth Inclusion’ for a total of ten years. These positions have taken me from Manchester to Scotland and also America. Giving me real insight into the social justice and wellbeing of others from all around the globe. This brings me back to student union, after I was also re-elected as an NUS for the first ever parent and cares rep. If you need any help or support for whatever reason possible please contact me.

My Wisdom

The international student journey is not always polished. It is indeed a roller coaster ride and in the process, the voices of international students are often lost. To represent the under-represented, we, at Manchester SU, formed the ‘International Student Network’ to make concerns of international students heard. With the incredible support of students and staff, we now have a full-time officer dedicated to voice the issues facing international students. International students are still under-represented nationally and I am passionate about supporting international students to become the change agents in their unions, at their institutions and at the parliament.

Why SU?

The Students’ Union, to me, is an all-in-one package- a home where I have made lifelong friends, an entertainment hub, a platform which has developed me by providing me with opportunities to get involved in volunteering, part-time jobs, societies, sports and media but most importantly, it is place which builds vibrant, committed, radical student leaders who change the world and inspire those around them to make a difference.

My Priorities

Student mental health

Engaging community services

Improving University Counseling

Making the University for parents, carers, matures students living at home and supporting liberation

My Manifesto

Making the University a happier and a more supportive place.