Wellbeing Advice

We know that life can be tough sometimes, and we’re here for you when things get difficult. Our advisors can help and support you with any wellbeing problems you’re facing, including sexual health, discrimination, bullying, substances, feeling overwhelmed or homesick, sexual assault, and domestic abuse. We’re here to give advice, or simply to listen in a confidential space outside of the University.

What Can We Do?

  • Give free, impartial and confidential advice or simply offer a place to talk.
  • Provide free condoms, femidoms, dental dams, lube, panic alarms and pregnancy tests.
  • Provide free STI tests.
  • Help you report a hate crime, and give you advice and support if you have been the victim of a hate crime.
  • Provide confidential advice and support if you have been a victim of sexual assault.
  • Help you understand University procedures around bullying, harassment and discrimination.

It is also really important that you register with a GP in Manchester whilst you are studying here. To find your local GP whilst you are living in Manchester, please click here.  

If you feel unwell and want advice on what to do please call NHS Direct (Tel: 111). This is a 24 hour confidential service where you can also find out about your nearest GP, pharmacist, dentist or out of hours services.

If you’re worried about your own or a friend’s dependence on alcohol, this meter allows you to compare your weekly alcohol consumption to that of your peers, and set yourself alcohol targets. There is also an Open Young Persons’ AA group that meets every Thursday at 18:00 in Room 7 of the Students’ Union building, which is open to anyone, whether you’re an alcoholic or just worried about your drinking.

If you think that you or a friend has a problem with drugs it is important to talk to somebody about it. If you do decide to take drugs then it is important that you do so as safely as possible. Drug Wise has an A-Z of drugs with their effects, risks and harm reduction methods. The Talk to FRANK website has a complete A-Z of drugs and their effects, as well as support for anyone with a drug problem, and advice if you're worried about someone you feel has a drug problem. You can also phone them on 0300 123 6600.

St Mary's Centre provides support for anyone in the Greater Manchester area who has been raped or sexually assaulted, recently or in the past. They offer emotional support such as counselling and support through criminal proceedings, testing for STIs, and medical examinations.The centre provides support for children, and both men and women. They will not contact the police without your consent. You can call them on 0161 276 6515.

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