Sex Workers

A recent survey here found that 38% of sex workers had an undergraduate degree and 17% a postgraduate degree.  Some stated that they had started working in the sex industry whilst at University.

If you are working in this industry, it is important that you do so safely. National Ugly Mugs (NUM) is a pioneering, national organisation which provides greater access to justice and protection for sex workers who are often targeted by dangerous individuals but are frequently reluctant to report these incidents to the police.  These offenders are often serial sexual predators who pose a huge risk to the public as a whole.

Sex workers from all sectors and all genders can sign up to NUM for free to report incidents and receive warnings about danger individuals.  If you report to National Ugly Mugs we will use the information to warn other sex workers and potentially save their lives.

If you want advice and support here are two charities that can assist here and here.

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