Sexual and Domestic Assault

Sexual Assault

If you have been the victim of a sexual assault, there are many places and people you can turn to for help. For a start, our trained Advisors are available to listen and provide you with advice on where to go next.

You are welcome to talk to them confidentially, either about what happened, how you feel, or what you want to do now (or if you just need somewhere quiet and safe to be on campus). They can put you in touch with relevant people if you need further help, or wish to take further action.

St Mary's Centre provides support for anyone in the Greater Manchester area who has been raped or sexually assaulted, recently or in the past. They offer emotional support such as counselling and support through criminal proceedings, testing for STIs, and medical examinations.

The centre provides support for children, and both men and women. They will not contact the police without your consent. You can call them on 0161 276 6515. 

Domestic Assault

Sometimes it is difficult to know whether you are in an abusive relationship. Domestic Abuse is about how people use their power to control someone in a relationship – it can involve physical, emotional, sexual, and financial abuse. 

If you are male or female and think you have experienced abuse from your partner, ex-partner or a close family member - or if you are being forced into marriage – please call us and talk to someone.

Our trained Advisors will be available to speak to you confidentially. It doesn't mean immediately making a decision; it just means someone else knowing, believing you, and taking you seriously, and you being able to talk about your situation in a safe environment.


Women's Domestic Violence helpline. Tel: 0161 636 7525
Manchester Police Domestic Violence Unit. Telephone numbers can be found here
Manchester Women’s Aid. Tel: 0161 660 7999
MALE. Victims of domestic abuse
0808 801 0327

National forced marriage unit. Tel: 0207 008 0151
(helpline for perpetrators of domestic abuse). Tel: 0808 802 4040

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