Women Officer

I'm Sara

I’m just a local Salfordian really with Algerian parents! I graduated with a Law with Politics degree and my experience at University was definitely changed by getting involved in the Students' Union. As your Women’s Officer, I hope to make each of your experiences here just as incredible as mine.

My Wisdom

Get involved in the union. Join societies, go to events, and meet different people. You’ll find that there is a whole range of opportunities and experiences that you can’t afford to miss out on. Whether that’s future careers, going abroad or attending national events, these experiences will shape you as a person and will truly make Uni life amazing. Get involved, and come see me when you do!

Why SU?

The best thing about the Students' Union is that you can choose how much you want to get involved with when you're here. You can use it as a one stop shop to find out about societies and clubs, take part in campaigns, or even run as an officer to help represent a cause that is important to you. It’s completely up to you! The opportunities are endless!

My Priorities

Push for increased awareness of 'We Get It' and organise more self defence classes for women

Lobby for compulsary consent workshops at Freshers

Take Reclaim The Night into the community and make it bigger and better than ever

Work with all the liberation officers to take a unified approach when working for under represented groups on campus

Launch a campign promoting body confidence and raise awareness of eating disorders

My Manifesto

Reform the University’s Sexual Harassment Policy and lobby for better support provision and procedures

Make Reclaim the Night student led again

Run 16 Days of Activism, We Get It, Active Bystander and #ThisGirlCan Campaigns

Free sanitary product range for students including mooncups

Work with the Union to support more women-led events and campaigns