Your Elected Exec Team invites you to ask What The Fudge?

Throughout the year the Students’ Union will be campaigning on issues which you may think “WTF is that about?”. By bringing in experts, giving you information and running workshops - we want to let you know! From PREVENT, Fossil Free, Islamophobia, Changes in Higher Education and much more, What The Fudge aims to provide starter sessions so that you can join us in making a difference and fighting for what you believe in.


What The Fudge is happening in Higher Education? 18 October 2016 16:00 - Room 8 Students' Union 

The Higher Education and Research Bill is currently making its way through parliament. It contains legislation and proposals that will give the HE sector the most significant shake up in decades. But WTF will those changes be, exactly?

They include:

  • Introducing the TEF (Teaching Excellence Framework) that will use student satisfaction, retention statistics and graduate outcomes to determine the quality of an institution – metrics that not only do not measure quality of teaching, but will have harmful effects on universities when harnessed to fees
  • Increasing fees in line with inflation for the universities in line with Bronze, Silver or Gold TEF awards
  • Establishing the new Office for Students to oversee all university matters, without including any places for student representatives

All of these changes come alongside the cuts to bursaries and the elimination of maintenance grants.

We will update you continuously throughout the year about developments and consequences relating to these changes, how it will affect you as a student at Manchester, and how you can get involved.

Join us Tuesday 18 October as we ask;

  • Why are fees going up again?
  • WTF is the Higher Education Bill?
  • WTF is the TEF?

Come along to have a chat about the changes coming to your education and future, find out how to get involved, and grab a handful of fudge!

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Look out for:

WTF is the Teaching Excellence Framework?

WTF is the National Student Survey?

WTF is the National Demo?